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Redken: Shampoo For Volume and Full Body Building

High Rise Volume Lifting Shampoo by Redken Review.

I don’t know about you but my hair changes all the time. Winter, summer, hormones, hair products. You name it and I have to change it all up…again.

Redken: high Rise Hair

At this time of the year my hair tends to get limp. In the Winter I wash it less and so the oils can make my hair look greasy. as opposed to summer when I wash it constantly because I’m sweating or to cool off.

My hair colour is always not helping. I have balayage blonde and brown hair with my roots brown. Because the bleach has not been done in a while my roots are looking greasy and the blonde is not as prominent. Also the bleach after a while means your hair is less “swelled”. Ok I know that’s not the technical term but I hope you know what I mean.

Because of all of this my hair has no volume. I really need it re coloured however I also want to focus on volume.

I bought redken for the first time after seeing so many reviews and the wonderful In The Frow talking about it.

Redken high Volume Gift Set. I bought this fab set for £35.00 and it was such a bargain.

For the set you got the One united All in One multi benefit treatment, high rise volume shampoo and conditioner.

Shampoo and conditioner volume

High Rise Lifting Shampoo

Contains filloxane, to help each and every strand of hair to have a fuller effect. Designed to give a silky finished look for hair with more volume. Great for flat hair and can be used on all types.

High Rise Lifting Conditioner

A lightweight conditioner that is great for detangling. It can leave hair feeling thicker so great for thin hair. Again contains Filloxane. You can instantly tell after use that it swells your cuticles to give you instant volume.

Individually these products can cost anything from £9 per bottle to £14 so to get a gift set a third products its great price!  However, I would buy both Shampoo and condition again separately.

One United: All In One Multi Benefit Treatment

25 all in one treatment

Winner of 2 awards. Does What it says on the tin contains 25 different way that this one spray product can benefit your hair. What best way to treat your hair. you can use this as a treatment in the shower after you have shampooed your hair and wash out. The second option is to use as a leave in conditioner which I prefer.

Again. like wise with the other products this is very lightweight so doesn’t stay and leave your hair greasy. Prices for this one product start at £11 to £17.

Prices vary according to different salon however you can buy online too. My recommendation as per this post is to try and get a gift set as they are worth every penny. However try and get a sample before you buy to make sure your buying the correct product for your hair.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I adore hearing about hair products so please get I touch and let me know your favourite products.

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