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My Skin Journey With Murad

Sometimes trying new skin products is not always as glamorous as it looks. I am constantly on the hunt for the best skincare to suit me as my skin is constantly changing.  It’s safe to safe it’s not easy.

The latest products I’ve used in addition to the winter has taken it’s toll. My face was dry and dull and desperately needed a facial.

Murad Moisture box

I’ve only had a few facials in my lifetime. I try to stick to lifestyle and products rather then surgery or things that realistically I cannot afford long term.

I decided I wanted a facial somewhere I trusted with experts and that’s why I decided to head back to Murad. They truly are the skincare experts. The staff on the counter really do teach you about skin rather then try to sell you anything. For that reason they have gained my trust. I know so much more abut my skin then I thought I even knew. Not to sound negative but its made me realise that there are so many counters and brands out there that pretend to know skin and jump n the bandwagon with the latest trend to make you look younger rather than what your skin actually needs. We all have different skin. When it comes to hiding the signs of aging one can look at this web-site to find out more as to what needs to be done.

Murad moisturiser

Murad Skin Facial

I booked myself in for a facial to tackle my dry skin and give it an injection of moisture. For only £30 you can get a 30 min facial tailored to your needs in the beauty room dedicated to Murad in House of Fraser. Not only is that an AMAZING price, you can get extras for as little as £15. I also got a back massage.

Jourful and rejuvenated murad box

I have rosacea and so many other places I have tried for a facial leaves my face red for hours and looking burnt. The facial with Murad used glycolic acid along with other natural ingredients to help re surface the skin and then It was injected with moisture. Afterwards, my face was red but not for long, the after effect was amazing! My face was glowing. It was explained that I would react to the acids as its the first time I had used it, however as they have the info from a consultation a while back she didn’t leave it on that long and it was perfect. The treatments from Dr Preema London can be checked in order to get help with their skin.

Following the facial the consultant explained that skin renews itself every 28 days whilst it is young (around 30’s) after that the process starts to become slower. For our skin to look healthy we need to exfoliate and we can do that with gentle acids rather than harsh chemical products every believes they should use.

I honestly love how much they teach me!

28 Day Skin Renewal

The options following the facial was that you could go back every 28 days for another facial. Or buy the products to do it at home. Of course its more gentle and not the same but long term.  However you can go back in and have an on the counter check up to see how your getting on and if anything needs changing. They provide a continuing service to you as your skin changes rather than selling you one product and then never seeing you again or caring!

AHA BHA Murad Cleanser

I picked up the joyful and rejuvenated package for £43 which has over £120 worth of products. Since my facial over 2 weeks ago, it has stayed exactly the same! The service truly makes you feel like someone else cared about your skin so much.

Skin Collegen with Murad

If your stuck in a skincare rut I cant recommended these girls enough! The true skin experts they will probably teach you things you never knew before.  If your not interested in the science behind the skin then don’t bother!

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    products look great…and who doesn’t love a little bit of pampering

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