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Could You Live Without Your Smartphone?

We live in a world ruled by technology and it’s because of that we are all seemingly reliant on our smartphone. Social media addiction is a real thing and even if you don’t think you have an addiction, you’ll be able to tell by whether you get that sinking feeling when you can’t reach your phone if you’re relying on it too much!

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Being first-world poor sucks, sometimes, because you can see how little money you have by looking up your bank balance on the app on your smartphone, and now your smartphone has broken! That contact with the outside world has disappeared and you’ve got to try and figure out what to do. This is especially difficult if you are on a budget and can’t manage to pay out for a whole new phone all over again. You could check out online loans no credit check, as you can get the cash for a new phone and then budget for the repayments. Failing that, you could check out our tips below for affording a new phone when the smartphone hits the fan – or the concrete.

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Professional Repairs.

If you don’t have the cash to buy a whole new phone outright, you don’t have to panic. Put down the paper bag and breathe slowly, because you do have options. You may be lucky enough to have a phone under warranty due to the last upgrade that you did, and if that’s the case you can easily claim with your phone company and send your phone back for repair. If not, then you need to hunt the high street. There are plenty of places that offer telephone repairs and while there will be a fee, it won’t be nearly as expensive as replacing the phone entirely.


Don’t have the money for a professional repair? You need to get creative. Your phone is already broken, so the worst that you could do is not be able to fix it. Check out YouTube for your particular phone model and follow the instructions.


When you took out your phone contract initially, you should have been able to sign up for insurance should you have any damage to the handset. You may also have house contents insurance and if you do, you can claim on your contents insurance instead.


A new phone bought outright is expensive and if you’ve exhausted every other avenue, you may have to take out a different contract phone. Don’t be afraid to do this, though, as you need to be able to keep your line of communication open and if finance is the only option, you have to go for it. Hunt around for the best deal and you could be paying less!

You can live without a phone, you don’t need social media at your beck and call. However, if you need your phone for work you could find yourself in a pickle. Get it fixed as soon as possible and learn to unplug sometimes. It’ll do you the world of good.


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