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S/S18: Polka Dot and Spots Trend

Spots are not just for Spring 2018…but a trend we see coming round every year.

Spots hit the catwalk again late 2017 and were seeing it everywhere on the streets now.

Polka Dot top

Everywhere I turn I’m seeing spots. Big ones, small ones, abstract spots and big oversized spots. There’s a spot out there for everyone!

I’ve picked a few of my favourite ways to wear spots:

Wear with other patterns.

This is my favourite look with the spot trend but its difficult in my opinion to get it right. I would love to get the right stripe item to mix with spots. I’m not brave enough plus I try to stay away from stripes being plus size. Now I writing this I’m going to hunt for the perfect pattern to place with my spot items. You could also match it with leopard print that looks fab too!

Wear with neutrals

Think plain clothes. Like a polka dot top and black jeans or skirt. Oh look that’s what I did! you have a lot more choice to wear spots in this way and its probably a lot easier to find something in your wardrobe to match it with.

Spot trend fashion

Wear it with BOLD colour

just as above but try a bright bold colour. We are going into spring. Lilac is going to be a HUGE colour trend this year so maybe try matching it with that colour. RED is also a big statement colour and a great way to show off the Polka Dots.

Fringe it out

There are lots of dresses and tops available with fringing and florals. Polka dots are appearing more and more dresses with a flared edge creating more dimensions to your outfits and great for us plus size ladies.

I really do love this trend, remember you don’t have to have a black and white polka dots but most importantly remember you can be any size and wear this trend. It suits EVERYBODY.










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