Oil Free skin with Mac New Mineralise Charcoal Collection

Mac Have recently launched their new Charcoal range and it’s great for all skin types, especially oily skin.

If you read my posts regularly you’ll know I always write about skincare and the effects on dry skin. But this range is fab for those with oily skin and here’s why!

Mineralise Charged Water Charcoal Spray

charcoal spray mac

In a nutshell, this spray is a fix plus spray to make your make up set in place BUT with a twist. This spray prevents and help to stop shiny and oily skin. It acts as a barrier to oil after your make it on which is fab for those who hate getting that shine a couple of hours after their make up application.

Mineralise Reset and Revive Charcoal Mask

Another in the charcoal range, this mask helps clear your skin by cleaning your pores. It is designed to eliminate impurities leaving you skin fresh and clean. Great for all skin types including dry skin. To use once or twice a week.

fix plus spay mac

Mineralise Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

The third edition to the range. Again the charcoal helps to clear the skin of dirt and impurities and this product adds volcanic ash. The ash helps to exfoliate the skin leaving a smooth clear complexion. Sold out online this was by far the most popular of the launch which speaks volumes.  the ash in this scrub is very abrasive which is great for a deep exfoliation and perfect for a pre-night out mask to help smooth out your skin and hydrate afterwards.





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  1. Denise H
    February 23, 2018 / 2:30 pm

    I didn’t realise Mac had released a charcoal range. (I must be living under a rock) but the mask seems really interesting. I think I’m sold!!! Haha

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