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Into The Woods With Tyne Theatre and Opera House

Tonight saw the opening of the exceptional amateur performace of Into The Woods at the historic Thyne Threate and Opera House by Tyne Theatre Productions.

Tyne Theatre has took to the stage many times but this time they brought to life the musical Into To the Woods with a steampunk twist.

Into the Woods Tyne Theatre

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You may think you know the fairytales and storybook  characters but you can think again! This production brings them together for a dark and enchanting performance.

Its more than likely you know the story of Into The Woods after watching the popular film starring famous Hollywood stars but what you may not know is that Into The Woods has an award winning musical originally produced in 1985. Since then its been a popular musical across all levels of theatre around the UK and still a favourite today!

Into The Woods tells the story of a baker and his wife trying to find their “happy ever after” by doing a deal with a witch. Sounds light hearted right…wrong! The story takes you into the dark woods and it’s hidden dangers among.

The stage was set perfectly with backdrops and lighting been using to its full potential to set the scene. The Steampunk dress code added extra drama to the dark tale and was perfectly fitted for the theme. Without having seen the movie it very much felt like watching an extension of van helsing.

Into The Woods: The Performance

The show was an exceptional amateur performance filled with fantastic duets and as a group, a force to be reckoned with. I was blown away by the actors and actresses singing voices and performances.

Tyne Theatre Productions

The play for me is very much made up of duets along the performance and at end, when they come together you’d be surprised to think it was an amateur performance by the force of their voices as a whole! the show leaves you still singing walking out the doors and wanting to download the soundtrack as soon as you get home. For me the soundtrack resembles Sweeney Todd with its rapid verses and continual score throughout the whole play.


Lucy Sutton as the Witch together with Ollie Cook and Sarah Wales as the Baker and his wife were the perfect leading trio. With heart felt scenes to funny, naughty and dark scenes the three of them looked like they were born on the stage.

Baker and bakers wife, Into The Woods

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I adored the princes duets and voices that you couldn’t match any more perfectly was Ethan Lang and Richard Delroy. And then leads me nicely onto the princesses!

Into the Woods Prince

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Cinderella was the elegant Bridgett Marsh with an angelic clearly sang voice. The cheeky dimensions character of Little Red Riding hood was played by the wonderful Catherine Kerr. I really enjoyed the Little Red Riding and Cinderella’s characters developed throughout the show without giving too much away.

Another duet I fell in love with were The lad and his mother. Also known as Jack and the Beanstalk played by Frankie Aird and Jessica Atkinson.

You simply couldn’t pick anyone over another. The show integrates all characters smoothly into each others stories. No one had more time than another and you fall in love with each character every scene.

So what’s the message: Be careful what you tell children. They may not be obedient but they will ALWATS listen.

This is my first time seeing the Tyne theatre products shows. I’m excited to return back and especially excited for Guys and Dolls in October. Will I be seeing you there?

Into the Woods is playing until 10 march Only to e quick to get your hands on some last minute tickets. You wont regret it. For tickets check out their box office http://tynetheatreandoperahouse.uk/whats-on/







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