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Plus Size Maternity Clothes: How Easy Are They To Find?

Think about over 40% of UK woman being a size 16 or bigger and think about the thousands of pregnant woman every day…then think about where to buy plus size maternity clothes. It’s hard right??


For your information, no I am not pregnant but as a Plus Size Blogger I’m passionate about talking to people about the industry. A few times now it has come up in conversation that Plus Size woman find it hard to find any maternity clothes that are big enough.

I can’t imagine anything worse then feeling uncomfortable in your own body, fed up because your “X” amount weeks pregnant, then not having any clothes to wear. Before the haters pipe up. I’m aware that at a certain point you probably don’t are about how you look. This isn’t about that, it’s simply that people have said to me they don’t feel comfortable and clothes are not big enough. No matter what shape or size you are you should always feel comfortable in your own clothes!

So I decided, the with help of my facebook page followers, to do some research.

Yours Clothing

Their plus size range goes up to a size 32, which is one of top sizes some of the retailers go up to. They have a great range of tops, legging, jeans and dresses.

The range is big considering and most of the range goes up to the size 32. They also have a small range of nursing clothes too.


If you haven’t heard of this brand before, it’s amazing. They are a designer site dedicated to plus size and taking over the industry as a fashion fave. It is at the top end with price however they have a HUGE range including non designer clothes that are normal prices. They have a section for you to browse according to your shape and size. But what makes them really different is that they understand how we want to dress. You can search for clothes that you feel comfortable in. You can choose to hide your arms for example, of cover your belly, or bust.

The plus size maternity range goes up to sizes 36. The largest size of any retailer their plus size range is colourful and trendy and deffo the place I would be going if I was looking for maternity clothes.

La Redoute

When I was doing my research I was mega surprised to see that la Redoute went up to a size 32. They also do a swimwear selection. The range covers basics to evening dresses for occasions too. Who says you cant go to the party with your bump! I think for me the best part is that la Redoute offers payment schemes so you can pay over time and not have to worry about having money to buy new clothes.

La Redoute Plus Size maternity Swimwear

Asda George

Lots of people really loved Asda. They do go up to a size 24 however there are very limited things. The most of the range goes up to size 20. However I would say these are the most reasonable priced. They also do nursing clothes and have a wide range.


Another high street shopping clothing line that has a good range is Tesco. Both of these are ideal to pick up once your out shopping and not have to wonder around trying to find things to fit and go home upset and exhausted! You can find a fab range up to size 22.


H&M maternity range

I would definitely say this is the most limited range however I have had great feedback regarding quality and price. You can tell online they offer a basic range however if you after essentials, this retailer goes up to a size 24!


With the above 2 high street shopping brands you can see were ae back into normal maternity size clothes.

There are very very few PLUS SIZE MATERNITY ranges to find. I hope you have found this useful and found somewhere your thinking of buying some things. Please tag me if you find anything you would love me to share!






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