Handbag for Spring: The Latest Deals

What better way to spice up a outfit than with a new handbag.

It’s not just about making the right choice bag to match your outfit…or not (I mean you don’t always have to match…but you should ha)  but it’s also about practicality.

I love going to visit outdoors places during the summer and going for picnics, I also love to shop and have to carry lots around for work too. Isn’t it awful when you have to always change your bag or don’t have the appropriate bag to carry around what you need.

Handbag ladies

As I’ve grown older I’ve realised there’s different types of “handbag” girls. There’s the Tote (me), The backpack girl (always practical), there’s it “IT” handbag girl, where the most stylish tiny bag that only holds a lipstick but looks GREAT! Finally there’s the cross body bag. I associate these with mums, usually a tan colour and leather, but of course as a bag hoarder I have one of these too!

Tote Bags

As I mentioned I’m a tote lady. I find them great, especially for work. you can fit all you need in it and they come is all different colours. In my opinion, the perfect handbag. I have struggled to not just buy one in every colour but have to change my bag around so I don’t look like I have just 1 bag!

Tote handbag

I Love this Reiss Leather Tote bag, it’s perfect and will match ANY outfit and is ideal for work or going away for a weekend as you can pack so much. It’s excellent quality too so you don’t need to worry about the straps snapping. I found this amazing offer with 49% off it’s down from £225 to £115. A total investment. 

Shoulder handbag

I Called this the mum bag but to be hones I have one similar to this just smaller. I love this one! It’s bigger and leather and is one of the best bargains I have found. It’s now £55 from £185 with 71% off! This is ideal for summer days out and also for shopping.

shoulder handbag

I have tried to shop with my tote handbag but the reality is that it is too big! What else do I need apart rom a credit card to shop????

Another one I love that is both big and small. I would use this for work and weekends and to this date as much as I love bags I’ve never owned a Radley bag. This amazing offer is down from £179 to £89. I think this is an amazing offer for this size bag and is a timeless piece for your wardrobe. 

Radley handbag deal

This deal is really great for discounted bag and I hope you like my top picks.

#AD. What are your favourite bags for the spring, summer? I am a little bit addicted to bags and would have so much more money but I’m happy being an addict of handbags! Who wants to join me!






  1. April 8, 2018 / 4:21 pm

    I miss being able to choose a handbag that I liked just because it’s pretty, I have to have a practice one now because it has to go over my mobility scooter to keep it safe!! It also can’t be heavy etc etc, it’s such a bummer!!

  2. April 9, 2018 / 1:13 pm

    Hi Gemma, where is the brown leather bag from? I love it!

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