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How to Feel Awesome When You Hit the Beach this Summer

Feeling confident on the beach is tough. Most of us, regardless of size, shape or age, have at some point felt a little unsure of ourselves at the idea of stripping down to a swimsuit in the summer. Some people turn to unhealthy crash diets in an attempt to lose weight quickly to get into a bikini (they almost always regain all this weight before they’ve got home!) and others let this panic put them off completely and either stay covered up, sweating in the shade, or staying at home.


The key to feeling awesome on the beach isn’t dieting into the perfect bikini or killing yourself at the gym to get washboard abs. It’s about confidence and feeling happy in your skin. It’s also about remembering that no-one else cares. The people you are with think that you are beautiful (and if they don’t, why are you with them?) and everyone else on the beach is too caught up in their own worries to notice. The only thing that ever stands out is confidence. So, if you are staying somewhere fantastic like The Saint Jean Cap Ferrat Holiday Villa Rental – Elegant Address don’t waste your time worrying. Learn how to feel awesome!

feel awesome on the beach this summer



Embrace Your Size

The biggest mistake that anyone can make with their summer wardrobe is trying to squeeze themselves into something that doesn’t fit. If you are a size 16, embrace it, love it and shop for it. Don’t buy a 14 thinking that you can suck it in. You’ll be uncomfortable, and you’ll look uncomfortable.


Pack Well

Speaking of comfort, dress in styles that suit you and make you feel good. Don’t feel like you have to be a slave to trends. If you feel good, you’ll look good.  Loose fitting tops and dresses and beach trousers are ideal for very hot days on the beach or travelling in warmer weather. Just make sure you look after your skin.

This goes for your swimsuit too. They are available in huge ranges nowadays so spend some time finding something that flatters your figure and makes you feel comfortable and confident.



If you want to look and feel awesome, add some extras. There’s something incredibly glamorous about accessorising beach and swimwear. Add some oversized shades, a loose scarf, some bangles and pendants and an oversized tote. You can also get your hair done and add some hair accessories to really stand out.



No, you don’t have to be in the gym 24/7. But, exercise can give you a wonderful confidence boost. You’ll have more energy; you’ll be more alert, you’ll feel fantastic knowing that you are doing something that’s good for your health. If you hate the idea of the gym, try walking more, dancing, swimming or doing exercise videos at home.


On the beach: Enjoy Yourself

Stop worrying and hiding away. The best way to start feeling awesome is acting like you feel awesome in a fake it till you make it kind of way. Put a smile on your face, play ball with your family or relax with a good book.


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