Thailand: Exotic Food I’ve Discovered

Thailand is responsible for my new travelling plans and cravings for exotic food this year! I love travelling however one place I have not been is to Thailand but it’s safe to say that the brits love it! There are so many new Thai restaurants opening in the North East the I’ve been to and try a new dish every time.

I never realised just how big the country is and the different tastes from different regions. Are we being given a taste of the authentic Thai food though?

The more I’ve looked into the different areas I want to visit I thought I’d share with you what I’ve learnt and how its helping me plan out my trip to Thailand.

thailand food

Central Thailand

This area includes Bangkok and included the river markets of the west. Food here is mainly hot, sweet and sour and salty.  ohh talking about this is making me hungry! If you know Thai food you will know that most dishes are served with jasmine rice and soups. Tom Yum soup has grown very popular here in the UK and is a favourite in this area of the country. The rice in this area is often served with dipping sauces called Nam Prik.


The South is known for its FLAVOUR! If you like it hot, it’s hotter here! like it salty, its more salty here, especially with the seafood that’s popular choice in dishes. Curry is the main dish here and a popular one is Sour Curry. Now I love a curry but not sure about that, I cant wait to give it a try. As mentioned before fish is the main choice of meat if you want to call it that because they live closer to the sea. Most dishes here are serviced with raw veggies rather than rice. Definitely sounding more exotic than what we find in the restaurants.

thai food


The North is known for its jungle and mountains and a popular spot for tourist as well as the beaches. There is a lot of history in this area and it goes back a long way! it’s safe to say there has been so many different cultures that have had control over the north. But this is no place for a history lesson! Ha.

The different in the north is that the food here is now Sweet like it is across the rest of the country. The rice they serve here is your sticky rice however just like the west they have lots of colourful soups.

They eat differently here, rather than street food, they sit at small tables and sit on straw mats.

I think it’s safe to say no amount of places I visit to eat in the UK will have the same authentic food as they do in Thailand. I’ve gathered as much info as I need to plan my trip just to save for some finishing touches and plan when I want to go but that’s to the website I’ve been able to do more research and find the best deals for what I’m looking to do. I love trip like these where I’m not dictated to go to one place a provider tells me an I can pick and choose where and what I want to do!

Have you been to Thailand?

I’d love for you to share your tips and holiday snaps! #Ad





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