Yorkshire’s Most Unusual Attractions

Yorkshire’s Most Unusual Attractions

Yorkshire places to go

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Most of us tend to think or Yorkshire as being a quaint old county with lots of rolling countryside and historic attractions, but there is much more to this county than meets the eye, and if you’re looking for an interesting place to get away from it all and have a fabulous time, it certainly fits the bill.


Just check out some of Yorkshire’s most unusual attractions:


Haunted Tours York

York is so packed with interesting things to do and see that booking a trip with York City Coaches will not disappoint, but if it’s unusual you’re looking for, the only attraction you really need to know about in the city of York is the local ghost tour. Being such an ancient city as it is, it is not surprising that York is said to be haunted by a whole host of unfortunate spirits, many of which you can find out about as you walk through its streets at dusk. For just £5, you really can’t beat its entertainment value.


The Wild Woodsman Survival Courses

If you fancy an active travel experience that will teach you some potentially useful life skills, you’ll have a great time enrolling on one of the many Wild Woodsman Courses that run in the Yorkshire countryside throughout the year. You’ll learn how to cook, build shelters and forge. And also to track animals in some of the most beautiful surroundings in the country. It’ll be a real adventure.


Go Ape

Go Ape Yorkshire

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There are numerous Go Ape attractions across the country, but the one at Dalby in the Yorkshire Dales is special because it is home to a Via Ferrata. A unique high wire experience that sees you scaling rock faces, fighting your way across gorges and using your teamwork to ensure that you don’t fall! You’ll Have to be brave, but it’s the perfect day out for active friends everywhere.


The Great Escape Game

The Great Escape Game is a fantastic Sheffield attraction that sees you and your friends locked in a room where you have to solve a range of clues hidden around you to unlock the door and find your freedom. It really brings out the competitive side in you. Since it only lasts 60 minutes, you have plenty of time for drinks and exploring the city before and afterward.


Explore Yorkshire’s Caves

Yorkshire is home to a vast maze of caves, which providing you aren’t claustrophobic make for an interesting experience. It is located beneath the Yorkshire Dales, you’ll have to walk, crawl and even abseil your way through. But you will be rewarded by amazing underground waterfalls, pretty stalagmites, and stalactites. If you’re lucky, even a few ancient fossils.

Yorkshire: Have Dinner with the Fishes

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Yes, you can actually eat with the fishes in Yorkshire, and no it isn’t as scary as it sounds. If you head to The Deep – an amazing aquarium which is home to over 3,5000 marine creatures, you can eat some very fine Yorkshire grub in a restaurant that’s surrounded by glass walls with sharks, sawfish and a whole host of other critters, swimming inside.


Yorkshire really is an interesting place to take a weekend break!



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