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Travel To Tunisia: Discover Hidden Jems of North Africa

It’s been a long time since I visited Tunisia and I really want to write a post to tell you the top things to do when your there! We had such a busy holiday trying to do everything that we had no time to relax and did not research at all.

I think it’s really important to know a little but about your holiday. That’s only of course if you want to do lots of things. If you want to relax you can deffo do this here too! It’s the perfect climate.

Why choose Tunisia?

We all know what happened a few years back but I really want to focus on the positives on the country that has suffered so much. The FCO has now lifted the travel restrictions which means thousands are travelling back for cheap deals.

Tunisia being in North Africa has seen many people come and go. It is home to the city known as Carthage founded almost 3 thousand years ago.  But It was under the roman reign that it prospered and it really shows to this date.

El Jem Ampitheatre

Located in the city of Thysdrus, this really is a hidden jem!

El Jem

Listed as a world heritage site you cannot miss the trip to see this on your holidays. It is one of the best roman ruins in the world. Its the best roman ruin you will get to the Rome colosseum. The place is huge! and offers some shade from the heat if you go in summer. It would have held approx. 35000 spectators and you can imagine going back in time. Because its so well reserved you can roam freely around the site and see how it has been used for so many things after the romans built it.


You cannot avoid the beach. In fact, most resorts for holiday destinations are on the beach because they are stunning! We stayed in Soussse a popular resort about 35 kilometre long but the whole stretch is over .1.145 kilometres long!

Beach in Tunisia

Markets and shops

If you visit the towns you’ll find labyrinths of market stalls with exceptionally friendly people. Here you can haggle and buy authentic gifts to take home.

If you like visiting markets you’ll love Tunisia. There is a market on in most places every day of the week, you wont miss out on your trip.

Sahara Desert

Oasis in Tunisia

The biggest desert in the world is on your doorstep. You could even take a little bit home like I did! The desert is filled with the most beautiful salt lakes you have to see. It does take a little bit out of your trip but totally worth it! You can also discover the secret oasis hidden deep in the deserts. It really does feel like something from a movie out there. It’s my idea of the perfect piece and quiet.

So those are just a few reasons why you need to think about going or returning back to Tunisia. There is so much to do! If you looking to book up now then you can find cheap all inclusive holiday deals here 



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  1. 12/05/2018 / 4:20 pm

    I certainly had a very good time exploring the region around Djerba and would love to see more of the country.

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