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Sensitive Skin: What Products To Buy From The Ordinary

I recently took a trip to The Ordinary store in Covent Garden on my recent trip to London to explore products for my sensitive skin.

The Ordinary: Sensitive Skin

We do have a selection of the range here in Newcastle Fenwicks but I really love to explore the full options and speak to the skincare experts due my type of skin.

If your read my other posts you may know I have Rosacea. I really try a product to make sure I don’t get a bad reaction to it before I spend my money.

The Ordinary: Sensitive Skin

If you haven’t heard of the The Ordinary then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? The Ordinary are a skincare brand set up by the Deciem Brand. Deciem, The abnormal beauty company have a range of different brands they use and for all different reasons. The Ordinary are the most affordable clinical formulations with a string of awards under it’s belt. You can find teh right kind of products that better your skin for your skin type here on touchbeauty.com.


If your looking to step up your skincare regime then it is really important to apply a serum before your moisturiser. I picked up the most popular serum “buffet”.

Buffet serum the ordinary

“Buffet” comes in a 30 ml package and is silicone and cruelty free too. It is really important for my having dry skin to have something silicone free as that really dries my skin out.

The formula is also nut free, vegan, gluten free and alcohol free. That’s right they only bring you the pure formula with no added extra and don’t you charge any fancy extras too! The formula has 11 friendly amino acids and multiple hyaluronic acids. You only have to add a drop over your face and it’s lightweight formula mans it soaks in really quick.

The serum adds extra hydration and anti aging to your skin and with no added extras is perfect for my skin type.

All for only £12.70.

Acids for sensitive skin

I’ve wanted to try an acid for so long and heard so many myths that with my type of skin, I couldn’t use an acid. I was wrong. After speaking to the staff and doing my research. You can build up your tolerance to acid if your skin can take it. So of course I opted for the lest concentrated acid which is in a cream formula.

acid from the ordinary

Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% comes in a cream formula and you can wear this under your cream on a daily basis. For the first few times I tried it on a night time after my skin care regime and it was  great way to build it up.

Again this formula is nut free, oil fee, alcohol free, vegan and cruelty free. Azelaic acid is a natural acid. sS less harsh on the skin but acts the way you want. It evens out the skintone. It also acts against blemishes and give visible brightness.

And while most acids cause redness, Azelaic Acid is also shown to reduce the looks of redness and of rosacea”

I also bought the foundation when I was in store. There are so many different colours that you really do need a colour match! But for £5.70 I couldn’t say no. I bought the serum foundation because I saw so many reviews saying it was lightweight and I wanted a daytime foundation. I’m so glad I picked this up. Its lovely and so light on the skin and perfect for the summer. I’m surprised for such a simple formula how much coverage it has. Perfect if your looking for a cruelty free foundation.

I love talking about skincare, so if your looking for a post about Rosacea then read it here:https://gemmaslittleworld.com/2017/07/08/ordinary-products-use-skin-rosacea/

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