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The Reality of “lets go shopping” as a Plus Size Woman

Let’s talk about the reality of “going shopping” as a plus size woman.

What used to be an exciting thing for me has increasingly become more of a negative thing. I’m talking about this because I honestly think a lot more woman think the same. What’s more is that I hate being negative!

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For me, I live in Newcastle, and no, it’s not London, but it is a big city with most retailers and a buzzing high street. We also have the IntuMetrocentre here which is one of the biggest shopping centre’s in Europe.

There is still a HUGE lack of plus size brands selling clothes for the plus size woman.

The High Street

Shops have an accumulation of reasons that it is not growing. In fact, it’s in crisis! That is for all types of stores and not just fashion.

With the rise of overheads and the change in taste, the high street is crumbling and disappearing slowly.


Long gone are the days you would go to town on a Saturday and mooch around the stores. I see establishments like INTU taking over shopping centres but the shift is towards getting together, for food and entertainment. I still go out on a Saturday but it’s to meet the girls an tends to be going to Primark. Girl, you know I’m right!

Plus Size Brands for the Plus Size Woman

One of the major reasons that the high street is fading it the move to online stores.

That is part of the problem in my opinion. As a 4ft 11 Plus Size woman I..NEED…TO…TRY…CLOTHES…ON!

Part of the frustration with online brands is that they give you different sizes. It’s the same in stores but at least you can try them on. But, the online stores that offer plus size clothes tend to be cheaper.

Being Size 18, I can count on my hand alone, the number of shops I can go to for clothes. I’m not being ignorant here as I recognise that there are Plus Size women who are bigger sizes than me and have it worse.

It’s embarrassing to have to say I cant go in here because they don’t sell my size, or walk around feeling crap about yourself! To Be honest, I’m not sure if that’s worse then going to a store and them telling you they do your size…but it’s not in stock!

Or to go into a store and fin the Plus Sizenge consists of 1 pair of jeans 5 million top and a pair of trainers, all UGLY!


You get my point, it’s hard to be positive. But we have to be, we cannot be ashamed to go out into public and into stores otherwise they will never want to put the plus size range into the store.

What we need to do instead is stand together and show off, celebrate our sizes and shout out to brands. Tell them what we want, email them or tag them in a post even.

We are going in the right direction girls, let’s keep it up!






  1. 04/06/2018 / 7:58 pm

    I completely agree with you, the high street just does not cater for bigger sizes. I hate clothes shopping as everything feels like it’s designed to make me look bigger. It can be soul destroying

  2. 05/06/2018 / 9:01 am

    Oh, there are no words to say how much I love this post, and how important I think it is!! Where I live, there is actually no plus size clothing shops (well, not that I’m aware of) and I find it really difficult. It’s especially hard if I have an occasion to shop for, or if something comes up short notice and I don’t have time to get something delivered. We do have a Dorothy Perkins, but I feel their clothes are sometimes sized much smaller and don’t cater for boobs! Other than that, I have to shop online so I haven’t bought new clothes for months. x

  3. 05/06/2018 / 12:33 pm

    I’ve had this conversation with my friend a few times – I still find that even if shops do make clothes in my size, they’re often out of stock. I frequently find myself immediately swerving over to the accessories section because I don’t want to admit that there’s no point me looking at the clothes.

    Francesca x | glutenfreehorizons.com

  4. 05/06/2018 / 12:56 pm

    It’s like this with maternity clothes – nowhere stocks them in the shop so you can’t try anything on immediately and you have to wait (I never pay for next day delivery!). Keep shouting at the retailers and telling them you want more!

  5. 07/06/2018 / 8:53 am

    I feel you, I’m totally the same, I hate going shopping with friends and having to walk around stores with them admiring beautiful clothes that don’t exist in my size aha! And with my bodyshape I have about 4 different sizes in my closet because everywhere things seem to be made differently and thus fit differently meaning I always need to try things on! Thanks for this post 🙂 xo

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