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7 Super Things To Do In East Sussex

Are you traveling to Sussex this year?

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With its historic seaside towns and wide range of attractions, East Sussex is a popular county for tourists. Here are 7 awesome things to do when taking a holiday to this area.


See the sights in Brighton


The trendy and vibrant town of Brighton is the reason most people visit East Sussex. Some of its biggest sights include Brighton Palace Pier, the Brighton Pavilion and the British Airways i360 observation deck. On top of this you have a huge range of boutique shops, restaurants, coffee bars, pubs and nightclubs to choose from. The Lanes is a popular tourist hotspot – these small lanes are full of quirky shops and places to eat.


Visit the beaches of Hove


If you want an escape from the hustle and bustle of Brighton, you can always head over to its calmer neighbour Hove. Here you’ll find some of the best beaches and some great restaurants and cafes. It’s Brighton’s laid-back neighbour.

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Explore the history of Hastings


For some rich history, nothing quite beats Hastings, the site of the famous 1066 Norman invasion. Attractions here include the 11th Century Hastings Castle, the Shipwreck Museum and St Clements Cave once used by smugglers. There are plenty of Hastings hotels and restaurants to choose from. You’ve also got the pier and the cliff railways.


Take in the clifftop views in Eastbourne


For some incredible clifftop views, its worth heading to Eastbourne. Beachy Head happens to be the tallest chalk cliff in the UK and has an infamous reputation for claiming many people’s lives. There are many restaurants and bars along the cliffs for taking in the views with a tasty meal and a drink.


Go Scuba diving in Newhaven


Those wanting to learn to scuba dive can do so in Newhaven where you’ll find the Newhaven Scuba Centre. Once you’ve got your PADI license, you can head out diving in the open sea. There are diving tour guides that can take you to the best spots.

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Spot the Long Man of Wilmington


Located near Wilmington, you’ll find a huge chalk figure of a man etched into the hillside. The origin of this etching is unclear with some believing it could be ancient, whilst others think it was carved in the 16th Century. The Long Man has become a figure of folklore with local festivals celebrating him – there are many spots from which you can take a photo.


Visit the five-hundred-acre wood


The five hundred acre wood in East Sussex was the inspiration for the hundred acre wood in A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh stories. It possible to buy a pamphlet of ‘Pooh walks’, visiting locations within the forest that were inspirations for places in the novels. Thankfully, the forest hasn’t been commercialised and the only Pooh-related attraction you’ll find nearby is a gift shop near Hartfield.



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