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Body Confidence: Your Figure versus Your Figures?

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Body confidence is a journey, will it ever end or do we have to constantly work on it?

Last week I went along to a Bumble event UK and saw the brilliant mumpreneur Michelle Rose from Custard and bear talk about how to be awesomely average.

IMG 9950 1440x2160 - Body Confidence: Your Figure versus Your Figures?

Michelle understands that at times we put too much pressure on ourselves and helps us achieve realistic goals. She has a personal service that helps you achieve your awesomely average figure in order to maintain a happy and healthy work life. I’m not going to give this away in the post but trust me, she has it on point!

Her own personal experience was just many examples she had to give on the night of her talk. She was truly inspirational as a woman in business and a great role model.

Are we successful enough?

What does that mean to you and how do compare such a thing. Is it how much money you have, spare time, or happiness? and who judges that?

IMG 9902 1440x2160 - Body Confidence: Your Figure versus Your Figures?

You might think what does this have to do with body Confidence, but you have to believe in yourself and be happy to be on the road to body positivity. In turn, you gain confidence.

Achieving your goals will help build confidence. but setting unrealistic ones and failing, will not. But it’s OK to fail, we learn, get back up and try again.

Body Confidence role models

Do you have a person you want to be more like? I really dislike it when people do this, why do we want to be someone else instead of working on a better version of yourself.

Setting your sights to achieve what Kim Kardashian has will not work. Michelle talks about achieving baby steps. The positive vibes we get from achieving these small goals will help our confidence.

Do we compare figures with our figure?

This is what got me the most from Michelle’s presentation and this is what I want to focus on. Having worked in recruitment I can say I have experienced this and so can, therefore, speak about it.

So many women lack confidence in the workplace because of the lack of role models we see. It’s a different topic for another day but we know there are more successful businessmen than women. So, is it surprising that we have self-doubt when going to work or achieving things?

IMG 9975 1440x2160 - Body Confidence: Your Figure versus Your Figures?

We used Victoria Beckham as a role model. There are lots of women that think because we do not have the shape, size, fashion sense that celebrity women do, that we cannot be as successful. WE DO NOT have to be skinny and “beautiful” to succeed. I know you would not tell your daughters this. And who even judges what beauty is.

We need to applaud ourselves the more we achieve small things in order to achieve the bigger picture. And, in fact, if we look worldwide we can see many successful women. All shapes, sizes and cultures, we do not surround ourselves with these women. if we did this may help our confidence and self-belief.

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  1. June 10, 2018 / 9:37 pm

    Really interesting post, thanks for sharing it. I’ve body confidence issues, in fact, have self-confidence.

  2. June 11, 2018 / 10:04 am

    Love this. I’ve never wanted to be skinny as such, I’m quite fond of my curves, just healthier. That being said, I let my weight stop me from doing a lot of things, even though it would have no impact on my ability to do them. x

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