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Do Short People Overcompensate?


You may think this is an odd post. But being short AND Plus Size has its problems.

So many people lately have said to me “wow you have so much confidence” but then my closest friends often put me back into my place when I’m being a bit too gobby.

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I’ve always been short. I’m 4ft 11 and that’s at a push. My boyfriend tells me I’m 4ft 10. What difference that makes me, I don’t know!

Being short has it’s problems, like reach anything normal height, the shelves, at home, the shelves at the supermarket. I have to sometimes wait in an aisle to ask the next person to reach for something for me. All of this sounds funny, right?

Well, if you were faced with the same PUN’s and jokes about something that is personal and you can do NOTHING about it then after time it can become upsetting.

I feel like I’ve had to develop a thick skin. When I meet someone new, I have to wait for the “oh your so small” comment and smile back. I know that’s not meant in a bad way. It rarely is. It’s not like I’m being called fat. (YET)


I’ve often felt that I need to be seen or heard. And so I’m loud. I sometimes can come across very “gobby” and yes I like to talk but the stubborn side of me I find it is because of my height. When people treat me like I have to be last or LIKE IM NOT EVEN THERE! It can be so hurtful and so I put up this wall and act confident so that no one can upset me.

IMG 0026 4 - Do Short People Overcompensate?

I’ve been told so many times that you’re only as small as you feel: What does that even mean?????

I was thinking about given tips if you are small to build more confidence, but it doesn’t matter your size or height, lots of people need confidence. But my number one thing I would say is, to be honest about how you feel. Tell those who have offended or upset and give them a chance to change things. if you don’t say anything then no one will ever know.

If someone is being nasty or making comments them call them out. Nine times out of ten, if I’ve said they’ve upset me, they didn’t realise.

So in fact what I should probably do is write a note to these average height people that don’t understand how we feel and how to treat others.

But then doing that would be another problem wouldn’t it? Because shouldn’t we all treat others the way we expect to be treated back?

I hope if anything, by this “short” post that you may realise that just because we are short, we are the same and hopefully we would not need to be so loud and overcompensate if we are surrounded by nice people not pushing us to one side.

What do you guys think? do you know anyone that is considered short? are they loud or overcompensate? I’m intrigued to find some fellow 4ft 11 women!















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  1. June 13, 2018 / 11:12 am

    I guess I have the opposite – I’m 5 ft 8 and I’ve always had people make jokes and be scared of me because of my height, since I was about 11! As with you though, it’s difficult to come to terms with because there’s literally nothing you can do about it, so you just have to embrace it.. ?

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