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Wedding Guest Plus Size Dresses To Wear


Wedding season is upon us. The biggest dilemma we all face is “What the hell do I wear?”

I love a dress. All style of dresses and I’m not afraid to dress like I’m going to a event even if I’m not! haha

In all seriousness. I hear so many women say I need a dress to cover my arms, or, I couldn’t wear that or I WISH I could wear that.

Because I appreciate that people have a certain type of style they will wear I’ve picked 3 different styles for all shapes of plus size ladies to wear.

Wedding outfit Number 1

IMG 9997 - Wedding Guest Plus Size Dresses To Wear

If you’re not feeling like you want to how any part of your body and you want to cover up then this dress is perfect. You don’t have to wear a dress that doesn’t flatter you. this dress comes in at the waist with the low cut at the front It’s not low enough to be unmodest. It’s long lace arms give elegance to the dress and is a brilliant contrast with the array of pleats to cover up your arms and bumps.

20180605 142237 1440x2962 - Wedding Guest Plus Size Dresses To Wear

This dress is £75.00 from Little Mistress Plus Size Range 

I paired this dress with a small bright colored clutch bag and some nude heels. If heels are a problem you could always wear flats as the focus of the dress will steer their eyes away.

Outfit number 2

If, Like me, as above. You don’t like to wear heels, then this dress is perfect.

IMG 0320 - Wedding Guest Plus Size Dresses To Wear

This dress is lightweight and fits perfectly to highlight your curves. it really is the perfect fit for any shape. if you don’t have curves then this will give you them. I wore this dress with flat golden sandals. This dress has a very subtle summertime feel that is not over dressy and a super comfortable one too.

IMG 0333 - Wedding Guest Plus Size Dresses To Wear

I also love this dress because as you can see it’s not super short yet shows off some leg. It has amazing sleeves that over the tops of your arms for those of you that would like to show a little skin.

IMG 0354 1 - Wedding Guest Plus Size Dresses To Wear

And the colour…is beautiful!

Dress is a MEGA steal from Boohoo Curve range at only £22.00.

Outfit Number 3

Who doesn’t like to feel like a princess? Even if you can’t be the bride you can wear THE dress.

IMG 9860 1 - Wedding Guest Plus Size Dresses To Wear

If you are happy to show off your skin and like a grand dress that makes you stand out from the crowd then this is the one. It looks like a lot of material but it is actually very lightweight. The lace details across the top of the dress draw your attention away from our arms.

IMG 9808 - Wedding Guest Plus Size Dresses To Wear

If you don’t have much of a bust, this dress deffo gave me one. I feel like it hides my belly really well and there’s none of that sitting worrying about your rolls showing. I know you know what I mean.

Asos design dress is £58.00 available from Asos online.

IMG 9869 - Wedding Guest Plus Size Dresses To Wear

I feel all dresses are very affordable, some more than others but all dresses were excellent quality and a dress you can truly invest in and wear for many other events across the summer and not just a wedding.








  1. June 14, 2018 / 10:07 am

    You look amazing in all of these! I really like number 2. x

  2. June 14, 2018 / 2:47 pm

    OMG Gemma those dresses are beautiful, I honestly can’t pick which one is my favourite! We’ve not been invited to any weddings this year and I’m kinda gutted because I do love dressing up for a wedding!

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