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Kat Von D 10th Year Anniversary

Kat Von D https://www.debenhams.com/beauty/kat-von-d

I simply cannot believe that Kat Von D has had her make up line for 10 years! God that makes me feel old.

From her first 2 products in Sephora to an international brand, her make up line is smashing the UK market.

For me, Kat Von D’s make up line is a long way from a smokey eye, glowing look. it’s artistic, sharp liner and dare I say it gothic look. That doesn’t mean black by the way! I love that her line is built on full coverage products and then her injections of colors of lipsticks and now glitters.

IMG 20180614 164312 355 - Kat Von D 10th Year Anniversary

A common misconception that until yesterday, I even fell for. Was that full coverage meant dry skin. If you read my beauty post’s you will know I have dry skin and prefer to stay away from full coverage.

I was heading to an event this weekend and decided I wanted an interesting artist eye look and couldn’t think of a better place so decided to give it a go!



wow, that’s a sight for sore eyes. I had my appointment with the lovely abbey who as super excited to try something artistic. We looked for inspiration and spoke about my outfit for the night and came up with the perfect look. I felt super comfortable and staff makes a huge difference when visiting a makeup counter. We looked at many different looks and was gutted I couldn’t try them all at once.

We had a good chat about some products I already own and I asked Abbey what her favorite 2 products were.

  • Abbey Loves the liquid Lipsticks. Who blames her! for me, they may well be my fave too! Being honest every single liquid lipstick is drying but this one is the least drying liquid lipstick I’ve used and that’s why I love them. As well as the colour lasting FOREVER!
  • Her second fave is the setting powder. She used it on me and it was the finest powder I have seen.  A Little goes a long way and the value for money incredible.

The finished look by Kat Von D

20180614 181427 1440x2952 - Kat Von D 10th Year Anniversary

Ta-dah! I loved it! I looked like fire! Abbey’s creative genius is amazing! I was so happy with the eyes and the colours worked really well on me. The skin was mega impressive with the skin too!

I asked the manager Steph what her favourite 2 products were:

  • She loves the primer: as do I. I cant use silicone primers and this one is not. It has aloe vera which keeps your skin refreshed all day long. (insider secret: if you mix it with the liquid lipstick you can create a blush)
  • Her second fave is the setting mist. She keeps it in the fridge and sprays in the morning to wake her up and it smells incredible!

We used the colours from the 10 year anniversary collection that has 16 bright colours to choose from! It’s my personal fave from her whole make up collection!

I had the best time and I’m going back again real soon to try a different look. If your north east based and can get to the counters at Debenhams, Intu Metrocentre, then pop in and say hi to them!


20180614 181449 1440x700 - Kat Von D 10th Year Anniversary



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