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The Toon Has Gone Cirque Berserk!

Tonight I headed to the Tyne Theatre and Opera House for the press event of Cirque Berserk.

Since I started blogging there have been a lot of first’s for me. The Circus in a theatre is one of those, so I had no idea what to expect.

But vaguely I thought it would be everything I’ve seen on BGT but in real life, boy was I wrong!

Cirque Berserk

The show is celebrating the circus being round for 250 years! Can you believe that! They bring together the traditional show-stopping performances with a modern twist and is perfect for the family.

The show starts with energy and tricks but ends with a nail-biting performance from the motorcyclist and the “globe of terror”.

It honestly went so fast! The whole show was thrilling and if I wasn’t biting my nails to see what happens next, I was laughing and cheering along!

The show certainly lives up to its title. At some points of the show, I was like “what is going on”. There was a random giant robot than a giant owl and the wicked queen and none of it quite made sense yet was fascinating at the same time. I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

You can expect the different acts from all over the world including the Bolas Argintinas, Odka from Mongolia and of course the Mustache brother who for me, stole the show.

From start to finish the modern Laural and hardy narrated the show and added humor for all the family! Such simple comedy has been revived to include slapstick humor with modern sounds added over to keep the crows laughing!

The show is running till Sunday the 24th June and totally worth a ticket. you’ll be gutted if you missed out on this one! turley the whole family will love it!





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