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Sometimes It Pays To Try Somewhere Different On Vacation!

Sometimes It Pays To Try Somewhere Different On Vacation!

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There are few things in life more wonderful than traveling. Getting to see the world, experiences new places, meet new people and learn things about yourself. And yet, in spite of this, a lot of people end up going back to the same places time and time again. Sure, there’s something comforting about knowing exactly what you’re going to get when you travel somewhere, but part of the joy of traveling is getting to have experiences that you’ve never had before. With that in mind, here are some alternative destinations that you might not have considered before while traveling.


Vacation in Colmar


Have you ever walked down the street and felt like you were in a fairytale? Well, if you visit Colmar, France, then you might just get to experience that first hand. With gorgeous cobbled streets and its very own “Petit Venise,” this town is a fantastic alternative to that Italian city as a significantly lower price tag. Not only that but the area around Colmar is filled with vineyards that you can go and visit.




Vienna might be the jewel in Austria’s crown, but Salzberg has just as much to offer. It’s filled to the brim with culture and art, as well as beautiful architecture. Of course, because it’s not as well known or popular as Vienna, you’re not going to have to deal with nearly as many people while you’re trying to enjoy yourself and see the sights.




Bulgaria might not be the first place many people think of when they imagine perfect vacation destinations, but the truth is that the country’s capital, Sofia, has huge amounts to offer any discerning traveler. From delicious food and beautiful architecture to a bright and dynamic culture overflowing with art and music. Not only that but the streets are filled with enough shops to fill your luggage to the brim.




Ireland is one of the most tragically overlooked vacation destinations out there. A lot of people have this idea that it’s the kind of place with nothing to offer. Just grey and miserable weather. However, Dublin is actually one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world. With a whole host of bars and restaurants to choose from, not to mention places like the Newlands Cross Hotel that allow you access to just about everything that the city has to offer, Dublin really is the kind of place that you could return to time and time again. And even if you did, you probably wouldn’t be able to find all of it’s hidden secrets!


Of course, there’s nothing wrong with going back to the same place. After all, it’s your trip so you should do whatever you want with it. But if you’re starting to feel kind of bored or that the vacations that you’re taking aren’t really living up to what you expect from them. There’s nothing wrong with trying something new. Sure, not every place you visit is going to be as good as every other. But if you never take the risk of trying somewhere new, then you’re never going to find any places that you really love.



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