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Dosa Kitchen: Authentic South Indian Food

If your looking for an authentic meal in Newcastle then look no further. Dosa Kitchen is a hidden Gem that we all need to be talking about.

When it got to 9pm and thunder and lightning we realised we had to make a run for it. After going for drinks on Osbourne road we were frantically running trying to find somewhere to eat and the smell alone grabbed us in to have a quick look.

In the humid temperature with the brightest lights, open windows and smells coming from above I felt as though I had stepped into another climate.

The restaurant was still buzzing and that’s how we knew we had to try it. Others obviously love it!

Authentic South Indian Food

So first off let me say this… I LOVE rice! And the first thing the server told me, we don’t have rice.

Dosa Kitchen

In South India, they eat their curry with Dosa’s. A Dosa is a pancake made with rice flour and ground pulses. The manager and chef came out to join us after our meal and taught us about how they prepare. The ingredients are finely ground and then ground again. They are then fried in a crepe style with your choice of Dosa.

We had the masala one which came with potatoes in it and the paneer one. I was surprised at how light it was. Also surprised to find out they are gluten-free.

You eat your choice of curry with your Dosa and can eat by hand. You can share your Dosa’s amongst your table and share your choice of curries too.

Dosa Kitchen Curries

I am not a fan of spicy food and was slightly apprehensive to try the curry. But I was so surprised with how non spicy/hot they are. The curries are literally bursting with flavour. Every single dish was different and the flavour was lovely. Sometimes, especially with curry, I feel like they all taste the same. Not here!

All of the ingredients are locally sourced and the Seafood too! We had the mussels in the Indian sauce which went down a treat as well as the prawns.

We Also sampled 2 of the starters and there was more than enough to go round.

Dosa Kitchen

As I mentioned the chef and owner came across to see how we liked our food and that is rare to chat with the person behind it all. And I wasn’t even going for a review, I was just a customer who he wanted to know if his dishes were satisfactory.

He told us the history. They started as a pop-up shop in the Beacon on the west road and moved it’s premises to Jesmond.  The food is a big hit with vegans and families and the only place I know that does what it does. The owner is from India and has experience working in Dubai for several hotel chains before moving to the UK. He knows exactly what people want and knows the importance of word of mouth. He is so passionate about his food and you can tell!

His food is naturally vegan and so he hasn’t had to take anything off the menu or pretend to make it a vegan choice. His food is so incredibly tasteful and light. I walked away so happy and we were talking about it all night. I can’t wait to go back to try the Sunday Sapaad!


p.s the price is amazing too!




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