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Confidence: Your Relationship With Your Body

I’ve made sure I have said YOUR relationship with Your Body when talking about confidence. That is because I don’t want this post to all to be about me.

Of course, I can only give you my advice and talk about my feelings but in doing so I hope I can help others.

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My journey to being confident, happy and content with my body is linked to my self-esteem. I don’t always love my body but you don’t have to. Some days I don’t love it but just because I’m overweight doesn’t make me a horrible person. Why should I hide my body, I’m not evil!

Having good self-esteem can take a long time and doesn’t happen overnight It takes time and you have to really want to work on it to get your confidence.

Confidence: How to Build Self Esteem

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Build a list of 5 things you like about yourself. This sounds easy right….WRONG! I really find this hard and you don’t have to write it all in one go.

Speak to your family and friends if you feel you can or just take something nice someone has said about you, write it down.

Use this list to go back to when your feeling low or need that extra confidence boost!

At first, it may sound really stupid telling yourself these positive factors and it can be difficult to actually believe them. But TRUST me. If you tell yourself them over and over again you will start to believe.

Then with that comes CONFIDENCE!

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I’ve been practising this for a few months now and some days I have bad days and look back at my list and it makes me happy. My friends and family can see it in my photos too! This last photo is where my confidence is now! You can do it too!

What’re your tips to build Self Esteem?



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