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Sun and Sand: Shop For Your Holidays Now!

I think it’s safe to say that right now. We all want to be out of the cold and with the sun, sand and sangria!

I always wait for until last minute to buy my holiday clothes. How about you?

Black Friday has been and gone now but I’ve already started thinking about the net season. I’ve been looking at press days for next season already and it’s giving me holiday blues.

I don’t know about you, but there have been so many times I have forgotten to pack a towel. I get so distracted by my clothes that I forget. Then, I have to buy a silly mickey mouse towel!

So speaking of clothes, I try and keep my case as light as possible. If I can, I’ll also try and leave some room because who doesn’t like shopping. I always end up bringing extra things home. That is why I need the extra space.

I had to buy an emergency towel once and it was great until I lost that one too! But it was one that dried so quick and I really wanted one like that again. I didn’t think I could not get a better one until I found the best sand free beach towel from Tesalate.

Their towels dry quick, are lightweight and that’s right and sand free! To add to all of that, they have amazing fresh patterns that come in so many styles!

Have you got any holidays planned?



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