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Esse: Probiotic Skincare Experts

Esse: Meaning “to be” in Latin

The probiotic skincare rand was released in 2002 after years of researching skin care and finding the probiotic ingredients in African plants.

The founder Mr Trevor Steyn was passionate about creating a sustainable skincare brand.  It certainly is what we are looking for with a huge focus on natural ingredients that is both great for the skin and the environment.

Esse Skincare really has got it right. They cater for all skin type. This includes a very well reviewed sensitive range.

The brand explained that microbes are as important for your face as they are for your gut. And that’s a good way to put it. Your skin needs these and you can get the best skin treatment only when you can visit ManukaRx store. Esse strip it back to before the time we had all of these skin disorders and just kept it simple for our skin. But with excellent results.

Organic Skincare: Esse

The brand has been certified organic since 2005.  The earth is an ecosystem, don’t pollute it. Our Skin is an ecosystem, don’t pollute it. The brand makes this message very clear in its marketing, research and products.

I was kindly asked to review 3 products and I couldn’t say no to finding out the best solution for my skin if it’s kind to my skin and the environment too.

Cream Mask

From the hydration range, I saw this was featured in a top magazine. Especially with it being winter I thought I would give it a go. The website has a lot of great reviews on this one and I wanted to see how it performed.

The mask is almost like a thick cream. You apply a thin/thnk layer depending on how dry your skin is. You then wash off after a few minutes. It’s that easy. It doesn’t look much but it packs a punch! it’s the most effective hydration mask I’ve ever had. to say my skin felt like a baby’s bum after is not an exaggeration!

With all of the products that I tested, you certainly get a lot for your money and they last a while. Even if you apply daily.

Deep Moisturiser

Again from the hydration range. After using a mask in the winter, I needed to keep my skin hydrated. Unlike any other skincare brands, I have seen. They offer different levels of hydration. It starts with Ligh, deep, rich and then Ultra.

I can ay the deep is hydrating enough for my skin. I would probably guess that the ultra is for very dry skin conditions. This kept my skin hydrated all day. I don’t feel that I need to top it up My make up sits well with it and it’s not oily. I would definitely recommend this for dry skin.

They have a CARE range for basic skin care as well as the PLUS range.

Eye Contour Cream

I have been looking for an eye cream with everything in and that doesn’t sting my eyes. I would normally sample all skincare I get but as I was being gifted these I took the plunge. As I mentioned before the packaging and amount you get for an eye cream will last forever!

Both I and my friend tested the eye cream. As mentioned, I already use an eye cream but at times can sting. I apply correctly but I have very sensitive eyes. My friend who doesn’t use an eye cream said she felt an immediate tightening around the eyes. I, on the other hand, did not. But what I did notice was the immediate brightening around the under the eye. it also took away the puffiness too! I am mega impressed with this and would 1000% say its worth the cost.

For links to all products see here.


  1. Sarah
    03/12/2018 / 6:21 pm

    I want to try these xx

  2. 05/12/2018 / 10:38 am

    I love your photos in this post! The cream mask sounds perfect for my skin too x

  3. 05/12/2018 / 2:36 pm

    Ooh I’ve not heard of this brand before!

  4. Ayse
    22/12/2018 / 7:50 pm

    These look incredible! x

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