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Dealing with sick days: tricks for a speedy recovery

Dealing with sick days: tips and tricks for a speedy recovery

Flu-season is officially upon us! This time of year can be challenging on your health, as it seems like while the weather starts getting colder and colder, more people are getting sick. So, it is that time to pull out all the tips and tricks to ideally avoid getting sick or to make a speedy recovery in case you do pick up something.

In case you find yourself recovering at home on a sick day, here are a few ideas of what to do to help recover quickly and pass the time spent at home.


Whether in bed or on the couch, the most important thing to do on a sick day is to get plenty of rest. The best way to pass time and not get restless is making sure you are entertained rather than just lying there and staring at the ceiling (yes, I have been guilty of this). One of my first things I tend to do when I get sick is just plop myself on the couch and catch up on my favourite television programme or watch a movie. If you want to watch a film, there are hundreds of movies to choose from on streaming platforms, such as CHILI, that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

I know I prefer light movies when I am sick so I tend to gravitate to the ‘romance movies’ section. If your eyes need a break from a screen time, pick up that book you just haven’t had the time to read or flip through a magazine that you’ve had your eye on. Getting sick isn’t fun for the whole being sick part, but it does give you that time to rest, relax and do things that you may not have had the time to do while healthy.

Hydrate and eat well

Hydration is key to a speedy recovery. Your body has to be able to flush out whatever it is working through and rehydrate. Warm water may be more soothing than the shock of cool water, and if you get bored with regular water, squeeze in some fresh lemon and honey! It’s also really important to eat well so your body gets the proper nutrients and support, especially for your full recovery. Think hot soups (you can use up whatever vegetables you have and throw it in a big pot of water for some homemade vegetable soup), oranges for vitamin C, herbal teas, etc.

Self care

Take the extra time spent at home to really take care of you. Take a hot bath with Epsom salt, take the time for an at-home aromatherapy session, get some fresh air (even if it is just a little walk around your garden or neighbourhood), and do some light stretching.

Whatever you do, don’t push yourself when you are sick! Support your body so it can fight off the flu or the cold itself. Most of us know that antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistance and medications won’t actually shorten the cold or flu you already have. Your body does some pretty incredible things; so let it do its thing and kick out the sickness completely! And remember, little things like drying your hair completely after a shower and wearing socks around the house make a huge difference!

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