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Tyne Theatre:…Are you going to the Ball?

This year we see the production case welcomes back to the Tyne Theatre stage. This time for the prouction of Cinderalla! 

Are you going to the ball?  I went along tonight and here’s what to expect.

It’s hard to give you a spoiler of the story Cinderella. Last year I went to see Snow White and didn’t actually know what to expect as it was my first panto. But this year I had expectations and I was hoping it would live up to them. Here’s the spoiler alert….It DID! 

Unless last year the main actress Cinderella herself is played by a local! Lola Saunders has played in many Pantos across the North East and in shows across the UK. But she loves returning home especially at xmas time! This year’s show had loads of familiar faces from TV and not just Lola but Jamie Lambert too! 

Jamie Plays Prince Charming and what a gent he was! His voice did not disappoint, he is a fantastic singer! 

The star of the show for me was really difficult. I loved seeing the legendary Maureen Nolan. She certainly is no ordinary fairy god mother. But most of all I loved seeing the North East’s favourite Charlie Richmond and Lewis Denny.


Playing Buttons as always Charlie is adored by the crowd! Bu the show would not be the same without him or Lewis who played Dandini. 

They bring the north east into the shows and make each show different and full of laughs. The kids love them and so do the adults! 

This year was bigger and better from the staging to the dancing and singing. Same laughs and same jokes along the way. 

This theatre always holds such a special place in my heart, it was the first theatre i was taken to as a child and one of the oldest in the North East! 

There are tickets still available if you want to buy any, the show is on until 30th December 2018. 

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