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Benidorm Is Back: Sunderland Empire Review

Benidorm has been seen on our screens since 2007 and without a doubt one of the nations fave TV shows. Why?

Benidorm on Stage

Because who doesn’t love Brits abroad. It’s everything we hate about ourselves with a comedy twist! The show has won an array of awards including best comedy programmes and a BAFTA!

The shows follows us Brit holiday makers and staff swap dreary England for the sun, sand and sangria. After 74 episodes, the show as we know it came to an end, but not forever!

Benidorm is back for us all to see but this time, it’s on Stage! Sunderland Empire lunches it’s first night tonight and I went along preview it!

Get a Sex on the Beach ordered and whack the factor 50 on as Benidorm Live is sunshine on the stage without a badly driven mobility scooter in sight

Chronicle Live 2018

What was I expecting?

Well, a lotta laughs for sure. But being honest, I wasn’t too sure. I’ve known other people to see it and say it was brilliant.

But how does it differ from the TV show? Well, the simple answer is that It is exactly like watching an episode on TV apart from with you in it! It’s almost like your all part of the same family holiday to Spain!

Benidorm LIVE

My fave part of the show was without a doubt being part of the audinece of the infamous Neptune bar. I literally felt like i was once of the members in the audience on holiday.

It’s really was hard to say who the star of the show was considering they were all in it and equally as hilarious! From Jason Canuso to Sherrie Hewson and Shelley Longworth. They were all just as amazing as on TV and all of them had huge applause from their much-loved audience as they came on!

As I mentioned, the show started tonight to kick start the whole tour. You can it at Sunderland till 19th January then it’ll be moving on and finished 20th April 2019. To find out it the next stop on the tour see here.

There are still a few tickets left so be quick to grab your tickets: I can’t gaurentee it wont leave you wanting to book a holiday to Spain anytime soon!

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