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Benefits of Retinol With Skin Chemists

Retinol is certainly a buzz word around skincare at the moment. Everyone says it’s that one ingredient we need. But what exactly is it?

Skin Chemist Retinol range
Skin Chemist Retinol Range

Another Word for Retinol is Vitamin A. It is also found in food and as a dietary supplement. But to us, It acts to fight against fine lines and wrinkles. What’s not to love!

The vitamin is part of the retinoids group and has been used in the past to treat skin conditions such as acne however was not successful. After much more research they discovered that it fights against fine lines but increasing the production of collagen.

In addition to this, it helps with skin pigmentation and to help your skin colour appear for even.

My experience with Retinol and Skin Chemists

Skin Chemists offer lots of different ranges including bee venom and of course this range.

For 6 weeks I’ve been trying the advanced moisturiser, Serum and Retinol Eye serum too.

I have dry skin and Rosacea and so at first, I was nervous about trying the product. It is a strong ingredient and used incorrectly can cause redness. I gradually introduced it into my skincare range with the serum first.

Eye Serum

Skin Chemist Retinol Eye cream

When it comes to this ingredient with an eye cream. This eye cream is designed to brighten the under eye area.It aims to re hydrate the are as well as inject it blurring activities and helps the eye look more refreshed and awake. I will try anything to brighten up my eyes especially in the morning. I also use this in my night care routine too. You could also go to a skin spa for best skin care treatments.

Retinol Serum

Just as I use the Eye cream i use the serum morning and night however when i feel my skin getting dry and stick to just once a day. This advanced serum works slowly to release the serum into your skin across the day. It helps to reduce the pigmentation of the skin and leave you glowing. With an appeared for more plump younger looking skin. I love the non greasy formula!

Advanced Moisturiser

The final part of the skincare routine is always putting hydration back into your skin. This moisturiser is a favourite within the collection and my favourite too!

Skin Chemist Retinol Range

I love the packaging of the products as the pump means you don’t get too much of the product for waste. Its also more hygienic. I find the moisturiser is non-greasy and absorbs straight away into your skin leaving it hydrated.

Overall I feel my skin is very clear and looking bright. I would say that going forward I’m going to try and keep it off my red areas as it does not help to calm the redness but worth noting it doesn’t make it any worse either.

Other ranges including this Retinol range is available to buy online here.

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