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Ghost The Musical: Grab the Tissues

The oscar winning movie Ghost comes to life on stage at Sunderland Empire. However, it’s not the same as you see on screen. This time it’s a musical!

Sam and Molly

As always, I always like to say what I expect before I head to the show. So, before I headed to the opening night of Ghost, Of course, I had seen the film. Who hasn’t! And so I thought I knew what to expect.

The story is exactly the same. However, for those of you who haven’t seen the film, here’s what to expect. Without giving too much away a young couple find their perfect home together in a new neighbourhood in New York. They are living their best lives, best jobs and what seems like perfect friendships. Molly and Sam seem to have it all.

Ghost: The Love Story

One night, Sam played by Niall Sheehy and Molly played by Rebekah Lowings are heading home from an event and Sam is murdered!

The play takes you through the raw emotion and heartache or Molly assisted by Oda Mae played by Jacqui Dubois helps unveil the crime. Through each scene are new songs adding to the musical and to top it off the most beautiful set and effects too!

Ghost the Musical Sunderland Empire

I really thought that although I knew the movie that I was prepared for those “scenes” that are tear-jerkers and wouldn’t fall for it this time. But I was wrong. The raw emotion that Rebekah and Niall have on stage and their chemistry together is amazing. Of course the bad guy Karl was great too and really believe as the “baddy”. He even got boos at the end of the night. But in a good way of course!

The songs included the famous unchained melody throughout the show and reimagined in ways you wouldn’t think. Making the show original. But it also had new beautiful music and lyrics by Glen Ballard and Sunderland’s Own Dave Stweart.

Overall it was a lovely night, I forgot to take my tissues was a bit of mess at the end but totally worth it. If it’s in a town near you then you definatly need to see this.

You can buy tickets here

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