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5 Amazing Ways To Style A Pair Of Sneakers

In the last couple of years, sneakers have become far more fashionable than they’ve ever been before. In the past, they were mainly considered practical item rather than a fashion item and if people did use them to create outfits, it was always a casual look and never a smart one. But now people are styling sneakers in a lot of different ways and using them as part of casual outfits as well as smarter ones. People tend to prefer sneakers because they’re a lot more comfortable and they’re very versatile shoes when you’re putting together outfits. However, it’s very easy to get it wrong when you’re styling sneakers and they could easily ruin an outfit entirely. It’s not easy to pull off an evening gown and trainer combination, for example.

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If you want to add more sneakers to your wardrobe but you don’t really know where to start, here are some great ideas on how to style them properly.

Picking The Right Sneakers

Before you start putting outfits together, it’s important that you know how to pick the right pair for you. It’s best to get a few different pairs so you can match the majority of your wardrobe with sneakers. When you’re choosing a pair of sneakers, you need to ask the same two questions that you ask when buying any other pair of shoes; do they match anything in my wardrobe and can I walk in them? The second one is a lot easier because sneakers are way more comfortable than any other shoe out there, but matching them to your wardrobe can be difficult.

Trainer designs are often very bold and they mix a lot of colours that wouldn’t normally fit together. If you pick designs that use lots of mismatched colours and patterns, you’re going to struggle to match them with anything to create a good outfit. That’s why it’s best to go for plain sneakers in a black or a white because they’re a lot more versatile. If you are going to go for more colour, you need to make sure that they match with different items in your wardrobe, otherwise, you’ll never get the chance to wear them.

Office Wear With Sneakers

Sneakers in the office sounds like a no go because you need to look smart and presentable, but if you style the sneakers right, you can still create a smart outfit that is suitable for the workplace. The most important thing is that you’re choosing a pair of plain sneakers, preferably in white. Something like a pair of Nike air max works great because they’re an iconic, stylish trainer but they come in a plain black or white. Anything with bold colors on it will stand out too much and take away from the professionalism of your outfit. You also need to make sure that the rest of the outfit is professional office wear which is fairly plain. You can add a burst of color with some small accessories but don’t go overboard. A pair of smart black trousers and a blazer and a white blouse works great. A skirt works as well, but avoid any patterns and go for a plain black or grey if you’re matching it with sneakers.

Statement Sneakers

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If you do find a pair of sneakers that are a bit out there and you fall in love with them, there are still ways that you can style them properly. Sneakers with a mix of colors and patterns are already very loud, so if you’re pairing them with an outfit that also has a lot of bold colors and mismatched patterns, the outfit is going to get very messy. When you’re wearing a pair of statement sneakers, it’s best to give them a blank canvas and make them the focal point of the outfit. If you create an outfit that is mostly black, white, and grey, and avoid any bold accessories, you can balance the sneakers well.

Sneakers With A Dress

Wearing sneakers with a dress can look great, but only if you pick the right dress. Anything that is too formal is just going to look out of place with a pair of sneakers. But things like summer dresses or even a mini dress can work really well with sneakers. Again, it’s all about balancing the colours and patterns so the outfit isn’t too loud. Most summer dresses are heavily patterned so you’re best going for a plain white trainer, black doesn’t really work because it doesn’t fit with the bright colours on the dress. When it comes to other dresses, try a few different combinations and see what works.

If you’ve got something with a pattern on, plain is usually best. If you’re wearing a very plain dress, you’ve got a bit more freedom to play with sneakers that have a bit more colour, however, some styles simply won’t work. Experimentation is the best way to find a good trainer and dress combination. It’s ideal for summer days when you’re out and about because you’ll still look great but you’ll be more comfortable.

Jeans And T-Shirt With Sneakers

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When you’re looking for a quick outfit for general day to day wear, a good t-shirt and jeans combo is a good way to go, and it works great with a pair of sneakers. You’ve got a fair amount of freedom when it comes to choosing sneakers because the t-shirt and jeans combo is quite plain. Dark jeans tend to work better if you’re pairing them with sneakers but if you do want to go for a light pair of jeans, go for light colored sneakers as well. Avoid anything too baggy as well because baggy jeans and sneakers will look scruffy. It’s best to go for a skinny pair of jeans with a high cuff if you’re wearing them with sneakers.

Sneakers aren’t just for casual wear anymore, you can create a wide range of great outfits, including some more formal ones. However, styling them properly can be tough and if you get it wrong, you can easily ruin a perfectly good outfit, so be careful.

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