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Let’s go down to Avenue Q at Sunderland Empire

I had heard so much about Avenue Q before I got invited to the press event. So many of my friends have been over and over again and now I see why! I can’t wait to go back and see it again and I’ve already downloaded the soundtrack!

This is the second time Avenue Q has been to Sunderland and it was packed out!

Avenue Q at Sunderland Empire
Avenue Q at Sunderland Empire

So what’s all the Fuzz about?

Think sesame street but x rated! The show has been a smash hit following 5 years in the West End and has some well deserved Tony awards.

The scene is downtown New york on Avenue Q. We see the street of both puppets and humans living together and going through the same relatable life struggles that we all do. Every song, character and situation was relatable and that’s why the audience loves it so much.

I was constantly comparing the characters to myself or my friends. and swapping them throughout the show, Without spoiling it, I’m definitely a bad influence bear! Let’s get the shots! Characters include Princeton, a new graduate looking to find his purpose in life, Christmas Eve and her partner Brian, a comedian looking for work. Then there’s the “pervert” internet porn lover Trekkie monster and Lucy the Sl*t! My favourite was Christmas Eve the Chinese (Japanese) therapist she made me laugh at every breath!

Think of all those things you can’t say out loud and you should NEVER say in public, well, that’s basically the whole show! I was crying with laughter from the start and didn’t want it to end. I love going to the theatre and not knowing the person next to you but seeing their reaction to some things tell you a whole lot about them and you can bond over the strangest of things!

Avenue Q at Sunderland Empire
Avenue Q at Sunderland Empire

Avenue Q: The Songs

As soon as I got home I downloaded the soundtrack. I can tell it’s gonna be one of my fave! Avenue Q is produced by Selladoor Worldwide. Producers of Footloose, Little Shop of Horrors, Flashdance – The Musical and Fame – The Musical.

The cast was amazing too! Imagine having to voice a puppet, sing and make the audience totally focus on your puppet and not yourself. They are immersed in their character and were brilliant!

The show went over so quick, almost like an episode of the muppets. I could go back next week and watch it all over again. Relive another life in the day of the lovely neighbours of Avenue Q. I might have to wait a while until it’s back up north.

You can get your tickets here, trust me, you will not stop laughing! Don’t go with your grandmother!

*Gifted Tickets

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