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Love Island Body Shaming: Will it ever stop?

With the final of Love Island looming, we are seeing back to back articles of Love Island Contestants being body shamed for gaining weight.

Both Curtis and Amber who have both been in since the beginning have gained weight whilst on the show and taking over the headlines.

Why is this topic taking the headlines? Are they just extra ways for the brands to gain more profit off the show? Do you think about the consequences? How the contestants and the viewers will feel?

Love island curtis
The Sun online

This article published by The Sun outlines Curtis’s weight gain. It explained how he has needed to request larger clothes from the sponsored brand. This shows not only do the contestants have no say over what they wear but have no control over the message their clothes send.

The article states several times about his weight gain ending with an extra discount code for more merchandise. What message does the reader get from this?

Love Island is one of the biggest influential shows on TV ad this article is suggesting that it’s negative to put on weight.

Love island

Love Island has spoken about this saying “It is incredibly irresponsible that any Islander would body shamed in this way and we would always discourage anyone from making appearance-based comments that could be hurtful to the islanders and their families”.

It is great to have this response from the show however, I do feel they need to take more responsibility in the first place that this may happen. And if it does, that information should be kept confidential.

It is interesting to see that this year a man has been the centre of fat-shaming discussion. However Amber has had her fair share of criticism too. With online media publications monitoring her weight gain with before and after photos.

Love Island fans have slammed Amber over her “outfit choices”. But do you really she had more control over what she wore?

The Show needs to rethink how it will take more responsibility. It needs to give a healthy body image message to the viewers of the show going forward. With the confirmation that there will now be two shows per year. This should be at the forefront of their priorities. It’s clear they have the budget behind this to take more control.

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