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Griffon Forest: Dog Friendly Holidays

If you love the UK and the outdoors than Griffon Forest is perfect for you!

Griffon Forest

Griffon Forest is based just outside of York city centre to the North and is only one and half hours drive from Newcastle. Yet once there it seems your miles away from everything.

The forest has lodges that offer a relaxing stay no matter the weather. We stayed for 4 days and the weather was both very heavy rain and a very hot summers day too!

Griffon Forest

Why go to Griffon Forest? Not only is it dog-friendly which is why we picked this place. The experts of the Ridgeside K9 Ohio website suggest that dog owners consult with them first before going on the vacation since they will be able to help in predicting the dog’s behavior in a new environment and the dog owners can be prepared to face it. I got my dog trained for this vacation from the trainers available at https://www.georgiapinek9.com/programs/private-training/ and everything is going just fine but there is so much more to do. It’s perfect for a family break.

The forest is perfect for lots of people, families, couples of all ages. Anyone can find ways to explore the forest. The TOP 4 REASONS TO TRAIN YOUR DOG would include making them comfortable with such trips. The forest has 3 walks available on the site however, if you wanted to venture further there is lots of information available. There are lots of long walks to get onto and viewpoints to explore. If you love nature you will not be disappointed.

Griffon Forest

You don’t need to go far to experience the wildlife. Upon arrival, there were rabbits running wild but once at the lodges, your neighbours are the squirrels and the badgers.

If you didn’t want to explore you can always relax and there are a shop and reception on-site. The log fire is perfect to put your feet up and relax. It offers food and anything you could need. The experts from dog training Saratoga can help with making sure your dog is disciplined.

Cycling and fishing are two things that are not far to access. However, you would have to take your own bike.

Tykes Restaurant and Sandburn Golf Club- on the edge of the site is is the course which was popular with club members.

There was even a prom while we were there. Tykes restaurant offers fresh food on a daily basis however the opening times for the club and restaurant are not that late so plan around this. But it’s great if you won’t be bothered to cook. What else are holidays for?

The Lodges

We stayed in the two-bedroom lodge and there were 3 adults and a dog. Each lodge has its own private area and well-spaced apart. Each lodge comes with a hot tub on the terrace as well as a BBQ area outside. It was so nice to go in the hot tub every night after long walks.

Inside is the lounge, kitchen and dining area in one space with a log fire. The room is the perfect size for 3 and I think the kitchens were a really good size too. They came fully equipped with all you would needs for your stay no matter how long. In the room, there was a dog area, games and it was lovely sitting around the table every night for dinner.

Griffon Forest

The lodge comes with a modern bathroom with a bath AND a shower. A utility room with washing machine and dryer for your wet and muddy clothes and of course 2 bedrooms. The rooms were one king-size room and one twin room. From the first night, I slept amazing. Cut off from all the nice, the beds were comfortable and I felt right at home. I even slept for 12 whole hours the day after.

If you want to venture further away from the site you can. There is plenty to explore in Yorkshire nearby or even if you fancy a short trip into York for the day.

It was great to read to visitors logbook to see what people had been up. Not one bad review including from us. A lot of repeat visitors and I will definitely be one of those too!


  1. 09/08/2019 / 6:16 am

    Tremendous that you got to see a living badger. (Unfortunately I tend to see them only as road kill.) Looks a tremendous place!

  2. 09/08/2019 / 2:41 pm

    This looks so lovely, reminds me of a laidback Centre Parcs! Huge bonus that you could take the dog too, will be recommending it to my dog-owner friends. Melis x

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