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Girls Weekend: Cocktail Masterclass and Platers

Looking for a getaway this summer with the girls, how about a cocktail masterclass too?

The Macdonald Incyra Hotel is the perfect setting for a girls break away. It’s not too far to travel too and has lovely places nearby to visit but trust me, you won’t want to leave the hotel. The hotel has everything could you want including an amazing spa!

Cocktail Masterclass at Inchyra hotel
Cocktail Masterclass at Inchyra hotel

Food and Drink At Inchyra Hotel

The hotel has a brand new Scottish steakhouse restaurant it is very impressive inside from textured alls to historic elements throughout. It has a modern theme yet the stone walls and touches bring you back to how long this beautiful building has been around.

On our trip, we joined some other bloggers and their plus 1 for a cocktail masterclass and to try the two-course sharing platters. I was so excited to try the award-winning AA rosette food and drink. It was lovely to see Charlotte and meet some new bloggers Molly and Bethany. It was safe to say we had a right laugh!

Cocktail masterclass

All 8 of us gathered in the private section of the restaurant for the masterclass which was all set up for us. It was a great size class because we all had time to get to know each other and could hear everything and have a chance to try everything too. We were joined by a dedicated member of staff who introduced to the event.

Cocktail Masterclass at Inchyra hotel
Cocktail Masterclass at Inchyra hotel

In total, we were making 3 cocktails including some classic and new ones they had created.

The host showed us how to make a classic cosmo, a black pearl and a

Cocktail Masterclass at Inchyra hotel
Cocktail Masterclass at Inchyra hotel

My favourite was the cosmo. But we got to play around with ingredients for different tastes. It was fab learning something new and trying others.

Sharing platters

Throughout the event, we were brought out the sharing platers. I couldn’t try all of the foods due to being gluten-free. The staff had made the gluten-free option for me so that can easily be done if you are dining there. I also didn’t feel left out because of that either.

we started off with the prest and houmous dip and the houmous was fresh with warm bread. Then we had shredded duck with was actually amazing! I could have had a whole plate of it. There was also sweetcorn fritters which I couldn’t try but looked lovely!

Later on, we tried the wings and ribs with honey glaze and they were yummy. Everyone loved them!

As every sharing platter, of course, we can slider burgers. They are so cute and the meat was delicious! They always go down a treat.

My favourite was the pasta dish. They had made it gluten-free and usually, I don’t really love gluten-free pasta but this was cooked perfectly. The last part we had the mini cottage pies and we were super full!

The sharing platter was a perfect combination of foods and very filling too. there is something for all and a perfect combo to eat with cocktails.

We ate and chatted until at last we made it to our rooms for Love island on plus 1!

The day after we had a lovely trip to another village nearby before checking out. I really can’t wait to head back here!



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