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Bank Holiday Blues With Nars

The famous makeup brand NARS was founded by Mr Francois Nars in 1994. He started his whole brand off with just a lipstick launch! How incredible.

Nars: Did you know?

Francios Nars went to make up school with another famous makeup brand designer, Laura Mercier!

The team at Nars In John Lewis were lovely enough to invite me along for a 1 to 1 session with a senior makeup artist who was visiting Newcastle. I always love the Nars staff, unlike (some) other counters I always find them very approachable and love their individual style. Always so classy yet bursting with creativity. As a makeup fan, I had so many questions, so prosecco and a full face makeover was the perfect chance.

An introduction to Nars Skincare

Senior makeup artist Clay Reid made to the trip up from London to see us Geordies for the day. He has worked with Nars for 8 years and so I asked him EVERYTHING! He was so lovely and made me feel so comfortable that I could just ask and not feel stupid.

Whilst prepping my skin he told me about the island francos Nars now owns and that all of the Nars Skincare range is from ingredients around his island. All-natural ingredients

The hydrating toner smells amazing and the moistures soaked straight into my skin like a dream.

Creating the look

So, I wanted to go in and get some help creating something I have never done. A dark eye. I always do smoke but ever been able to create a solid look on my eye. We figured this was because my eyes are small and slightly hooded. I opted for a navy instead of black due to my dress.

After my eyes were primed we used the velvet shadow stick. I have this velvet lipstick range and it is the most hydrating lipstick and trust me, so is this eyeshadow stick.

makeover Nars

Due to having small eyes we lined by eye with it and blended up to the crease but no higher. you do not need a lot of product for this. this is where I have always gone wrong. After some time making sure it is well blended, we applied some more blue shadow and a turquoise pop of colour.

Tip: Use your power to blend the brow bone underneath.

Another trick is not to apply anything on the bottom line otherwise my eye would be covered in colour. After mascara, I was good to go.

I was so happy with the result afterwards and had such a great time learning about the brand and tips that help me. That’s important. Not all ps and tricks are going to work for you and that’s why it’s worth speaking to the brand and going in the store for advice.

What’s next? Nars have a whole new range and re-launch of their lipsticks. 12 exclusive shades and then 60, yes 60. Shades of the new lipstick in the classic packaging.

Head into your local store to get a colour match, you won’t be able to resist.

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