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The Four Seasons: Tarken Bar and Bistro

One of the most enjoyable parts of my trip was trying new foods and the Tarken Bar and Bistro.

If you haven’t managed to read it, then my latest post talks about my trip to St Fillians and The Four Seasons Hotel.

Tarken Bar and Bistro

The restaurant is an award-winning two rosette bistro offering locally sourced food. After speaking with the owner we found out a lot more about where exactly the food came from and which families owned the butcher, the baker and so on. We even went to visit the stores in a nearby village.

Tarken bar and bistro
The Four Seasons

On our first meal, we sampled a gluten-free starter of goats cheese salad. It was very fresh and a fab size for 2 even though it was not to share.

IMG 0841 - The Four Seasons: Tarken Bar and Bistro

For mains, my partner tried the classic fish and chips. The homemade chips were beautifully cut and the fish was no ordinary cod. It was fresh and light and not as greasy as I would expect from a fish shop.

IMG 0856 - The Four Seasons: Tarken Bar and Bistro

For my main meal, now I’m Gluten-free, was easy to pick. The kitchen was very accommodating to my needs and willing to change all of the meals to my diet. I went for the steak instead.

I find it very hard to say this, but it was the best steak I have ever had. EVER! I’m not sure if it was the cut it’s self or the way it was cooked. Medium for me, please. But it melted in my mouth and full of flavour.

It came beautifully presented with soft buttery homemade mash and green beans wrapped in bacon. I was so impressed with the quality and taste of the food we had. Not to mention again, just like the hotel review. The service was amazing. The girl that works there knew all of the dishes very very well and could recommened what we would have liked.


The restaurant isn’t what you would expect. I’m being totally honest that the quality of the food and service does not really match the surroundings. The restaurant is in a room that is part of the hotel but feels like more of a lobby. It has both a casual feel yet formal. I think I would prefer it one or the other and a little cosier. But let looks deceive you because the restaurant is amazing.

So good in fact that on our second night we decided to dine in the restaurant again.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better. I trusted the kitchen so much that I went out of my comfort zone. I tried scallops for the first time ever. Cooked on a bed of pea puree, I tried the dish for the first time. I really enjoyed it. They were so fresh, 3 really wasn’t enough!

20190801 210355 1440x1440 - The Four Seasons: Tarken Bar and Bistro

For main I tried the truffles chips but I hardly touched them because my dish was too nice. I had the kale, mixed green beans and pork. It was heaven! It has given me so much inspo to try at home and opened my tastebuds to things I never knew I liked.

I think the star of the show aside from the steak was my partner’s dish on the last night. He had a dish inspired by corn. Sweetcorn fritters, swordfish, popped corn, corn on the cob and a puree. Not only was it visually stunning but such a fun and diverse dish!

There were people visiting from other villages and It was easy to see why. Even if you are not staying at the hotel or St Fillians, You need to visit here for the food.


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