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Gonna Get You On Your Feet at Sunderland Empire

A brand new production On Your Feet arrives on its first tour at Sunderland Empire.

The story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan has been brought to life on the West End a been a huge hit! It is not on its first tour and Sunderland is one of the first to see it!

Starting in Cuba, the show tells the love story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan and their journey to love and fame. Directed by Jerry Mitchell, the winner of 2 Tony awards for Kinky Boots and Legally blonde, he has done it again making this a must-see show!

On your feet west end musical

Gloria Estefan has sold over 100 million records over the globe. So there’s a high chance you would have heard one of her hits! The show will surprise you with so much you didn’t know about her. And a treat of all her wonderful songs that get stuck in your head!

Some of her most famous hits featured are “Rhythm is gonna get you”, “Conga” and “Don’t wanna loose you now”.

The whole show pulls your heartstrings and lets me tell you, will not stop moving in your seat! In no time the show will have you on your feet!

A brilliant cast selection based on the right people for the job rather than who is popular right now! Phillipa Stefani and George Ioannides are the perfect pair to play the couple in love. They have the perfect experience they bring energy to the show! They play the journey from the Miami sound machine to the stage hero Gloria so beautifully and brings a nostalgic feel to the audience.

The Sunderland Empire will host the smash-hit “on your feet” tour from 30th September 2019 to 5th October 2019. See here your tickets HERE

*gifted tickets

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