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Bigger and Better: Psycho Path Returns For 2019

This year Psycho Path returns with Fearground. Full of new characters, three new attractions and spooky performances. This year promises to be bigger than ever.

Psycho Path

Pyscho Path Menu

Pyscho Path main fairground is mostly set indoors and has many different food vendors and drinks options available. You can be forgiven if you think it looks like a food festival. The hardest part is choosing what to eat! Anarchy Arcade is the central gathering area of the Feaground and has plenty of seating area to relax (or not) and eat and drink. And to tell your scare stories of the park.

It’s also the perfect place to warm up after being out in the cold with mulled wine and cider options, gin and tipi and a selection of Wylam Brewery beers too.

There is lots of choice for food at Pyscho Path from Hadrian’s pizza, Parm-o-rama to duck fries at Hatch 76. There is something for everyone. You can buy tokens at the main entrance to spend at different food venues.

Whilst you eat the fave foods you can watch in house entertainment. The main stages feature ariel artists, live bands and magicians. The entertainment is suspenseful a the bands are great. It really creates the perfect atmosphere especially with the added characters set in amongst you too.

Pyscho Path Fearground

Set in Lintz Hall Farm the Fearground covers a lot of land. There is a lot to explore and a great way to spend the night. You could go with friends, family or even a staff night out. It’s a fab group activity.

If you’re looking to take the little ones Psycho Path you can! They also hold a family freight night which is a lot tamer. Check out the website for the dates.

Pyscho Path is here from 11th of October till 31st October and includes a special bonfire night too. You can go from aged 13 to 16 however must be accompanied by an adult. Ticket start at £27. You can find more info here.

*gifted tickets

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