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An evening with Seaham Hall for World Mental Health Day

What better way to spend World Mental Health Day then at Seaham Hall. Home of one best Spas of the North East.

World Mental Health Day

10th of October is World Mental Health Day. A day we take to appreciate and acknowledge that mental health matters. And that it can affect each and every one of us. A thing to remember is that you cannot see it. But, if you feel that you are mentally deteriorating, do not hesitate to seek help. Essential Care Behavioral Services ,and expert care and support can be of great help.

Seaham Hall

I have never written about my own mental health but 2019 saw the beginning of anxiety for me. I can often feel very overwhelmed and have negative thoughts. So when I was invited to an event to explore new techniques and celebrate awareness of mental health I was 100% in.

Seaham Hall

Seaham Hall is a luxury hotel and Spa based in Durham. This Hotel has 5-star luxury throughout including the Serenity Spa. The spa is a finalist for 2019 and has top of the range facilities. It is home to a 20-metre pool, hammam with snail shower and jacuzzi, Asian herbal sauna, salt sauna, Indian Steam room, Outdoor hot tubs, Aerobic studio and fitness suite. A pretty impressive list right? All of the above gives this the perfect place for a night of relaxation and switching the mind off.

Seaham Hall

Upon arrival, we sampled some loose leaf tea that is supplied by The Tea Enthusiasts. We sampled 3 different flavours, tranquil tea, lemon and ginger and earl grey. My favourite was lemon and ginger. hey are also working on creating a blend in collaboration wit Seaham spa which will be coming soon.


Our first session of the evening was my session held by Hummingbird Hypnotherapy. A small intimate group of us experiences a 45 min session of general hypnotherapy. I have been trying meditation on my own recently and keep falling asleep. But this session had my mind sleeping but my body was awake. I was able to fully switch off from the things that make me stressed. it was truly an emotional experience for me and took me by surprise. I learnt so much in a small session and I am really keen to explore this ore. They offer bespoke packages too. I could talk about this in more detail but I may explore this another time as I know for sure I’ll be doing this again.

Ozone Restaurant

There are plenty of places to eat in Seaham Hall but the dedicated Ozone restaurant is beautiful. The Pan Asian style venue is the perfect zen to stay relaxed. We Kept in the theme of wellness and tried the vegan grazing platters. Mine was slightly different as it was Gluten free. The vegetable was fresh however I do wish there had been slightly more. However, you can also add extras if you are dining there. We sampled the amazing fresh juices too called the booster juice.

Seaham Hall: Ishga In Good Hands

Ishga is a new therapy that combines natural seaweed with the touch technique. Firstly, the therapy rooms are set in a quiet and calming area of the spa and very comfortable heated beds. The healing properties of seaweed are great for anxiety and stress. I had the foot cleanse, hand and arm massage which lasted approximately 30 minutes.

Seaham Spa is the second place to successfully use the Ishga products after its success in Scotland. You can explore the range of products in treatments and take home too. I felt totally relaxed afterwards and would love to explore the products more.

Ashtanga Yoga

Zoe James from Blooming Bamboo gave us a taster in Ashtanga Yoga. This was another thing I hadn’t tried. I really did not know what to expect. The only misconception I had was that yoga was easy. I am aware I only had a taster session however I found it very difficult. I did speak to Zoe and tell her this and it wasn’t s surprise. She explained that still to this day she finds some things hard and it is constant growth. She specialises in Ashtanga Yoga and has lots to offer yoga lovers. She is very popular in the North East and based in Seaham also. Check out her website.

As you can see, it was a busy evening. But full of new ways to relax. Afterwards, we headed into the Spa and the facilities as I mentioned above. We went on into the late evening before heading home and getting the best nights sleep ever. Seaham Hall really was everything I had expected it to be and the perfect location for gym, classes and to relax. I’m keen to go back and explore the ozone restaurant some more and would love another spa day. trust me. I’ll be back. In the meantime, they have spa specials available and you can check them out here.

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