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The Botanist New Menu launch 2019

The Botanist is one of my favourite spots to eat and drink in Newcastle. It has to most perfect view and the decor and skylight are just stunning.

The Botanist

Aside from the location, The Botanist has lots to offer. It’s perfect for drinks and also an ideal spot for lunch or dinner too. Its atmosphere is always buzzing in Newcastle and the live singers are always popular.

Across the locations in the Uk, they have launched a brand new autumn menu. it is set to be better than ever. It promises to be a menu with the flavours of home and the cosiness. The Newcastle certainly does make you feel all cosy.

I ordered from the Gluten Free menu and my partner ordered from the ordinary menu. The first thing I noticed was how big my gluten-free menu was. They have made the effort into creating a menu that has more gluten-free and vegan options than ever before. Although I will ay these options are also on the main menu just clearer on the separate one. Also worth a mention in the artwork and detail in the new menu’s as they are just beautiful.

My partner opted for a home comfort scotch egg whereas I chose the salt and pepper chicken wings for a starter. The wings came in a basket which was a lovely added touch and with an amazing sweet chilli sauce. The wings were beautiful, very tender and tasted like they were boiled. The skin had a very juicy flavour and you got a lot in the basket. You could easily share this starter.

A fantastic selection of food

The menu is a great size and offers up every type of dish, you could want. The home comforts look brilliant for a snowy day out. We opted for the buttermilk chicken burger. It comes with a jalapeno cheese sauce and seasoned fries. It’s a good size and the chicken again was nice and soft.

The Botanist

The main part of the show for me was the hanging kebab. The new menu has added more of a selection of hanging kebabs as they were so popular on the old menu. I chose the surf and turf new kebab. It comes with soft steak and large prawns. It’s only ready to eat once the garlic has been poured on. It also comes with fries however you can opt to upgrade which I did. I was so impressed with the sweet chilli sauce that I opted for that on my fries.

The meal was beautifully cooked and perfectly seasoned. It also looked impressive too. You can see the other kebabs on the menu here.

The Afters

Although it was not new on the menu this time round I opted for the sticky toffee pudding. Firstly, because it’s fab comfort food. And second, because it was the only time I’ve seen this on a gluten-free menu. It was really good, not too heavy which was lovely. My partner did try the new lemon tart with raspberry sorbet and crushed honeycomb. There’s not much I need to say about this to sell it really. The added extras alone make the dish delicious but the tart is perfectly made and fresh.

Overall I am very impressed with the selection and choice of dishes on the menu and I can’t wait to go back again with the girls for a catch-up. We explored some of the new cocktails and mocktails. They can make almost any alcoholic drink into a non-alcoholic drink for you.

The Botanist is giving 1/3rd off the bill for the new menu launch. You can book this through this link. It is not an affiliate link. Please see the link for details.

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    I mean … what a place !!! love it !!

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