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Hairstyle Ideas For Christmas 2019

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t get their hair done for Christmas. With a million parties to go to you have to look you’re best and everyone wants to see you’re hairstyle.

Think secret Santa party, Christmas Buffett, Christmas night out with work, With the girls. Then there are the family parties to think of. I love styling my hair and trying new things.

Loose Curls Hairstyle

My go-to Christmas party hair is loose curls. I love the added volume and with having balayage, it really helps bring out the blonde shades well.

IMG 0489 - Hairstyle Ideas For Christmas 2019

I curl my hair with GHD’s but you can use any straighteners. Lots of people ask me how to curl with them and find it difficult. So if that is you, then why not buy a barrel curler which is much easier to use.

Once your hair is curled, spray a little bit of hair spray and you’re good to go.

IMG 7045 scaled - Hairstyle Ideas For Christmas 2019

*Tip: My secret to making my hairstyle last longer is to use dry shampoo as soon as I have styled my hair on the root to stop it getting greasy.

Vintage Hair Style

Something a little different. I love a vintage look and I think pin curls look so fresh.

2701 2019 054991816674066256881 - Hairstyle Ideas For Christmas 2019

It can take a little time but all you need is patience…and bobby pins.

You don’t have to curl your whole head to create a look. You can try just your fringe as I have here.

Or if you want a bigger look you can create a crown but it does take longer. You can watch videos to learn how to create a pin curl. Or if you’re like me, get your friend to do it!

IMG 20190211 194640 234 - Hairstyle Ideas For Christmas 2019

The High Pony

Sometimes, if I’m wearing something with shoulder detail. I like to take my hai off my face.

IMG 6354 - Hairstyle Ideas For Christmas 2019

I have long hair and so can create a high pony but if you don’t have long hair you can easily buy a ponytail extension and people can never tell. When I put it up, I don’t make mine too tidy because that’s when it takes a lot more prep and fixing those loose ends.


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