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Feel Good During Your Period With Love Luna

Love Luna don’t just cover you on you’re period but also have you covered for leaks too.

I haven’t met a woman who hasn’t got an embarrassing story to tell. Some. like me, more often. Many of my close friends and family know and have experienced times with me where I have had an accident on my clothes or in so much pain I can’t walk. I have PCOS and with that my symptoms are really heavy periods. I don’t have them every month but when I do I find it very difficult to go anywhere with a pad on. They are just not reliable for me. I say ME because we are all very different.

Love Luna Periods

That’s why I love this brand.

The brand is originally from Australia but has since been stocked in Sainsbury’s in the UK. I have tried other period pants before but I’ve never seen them sold in the supermarkets and it is nice to see more things like this available and more options in stores.

I have found that since my 30’s I am more comfortable with more natural things for my body. That means no tampons, they cause me pain anyway, but no pads. I want to keep my skin integrity as good as possible and the most natural way for me is with period knickers.

Love Luna period pants come in different shapes. We have a choice, we can wear what style we want without feeling ugly in one style. You can choose from bikini brief, midi or full brief. The midi briefs come in black and beige and can hold 2-3 tampons. Where as the full briefs, which i prefer can hold 3-4 tampons. That is roughly 15-20 mls.

Love Luna: How do they work?

All briefs have 4 layers of of magic built into the pad. Made with soft cotton and breathable fabric they are super comfortable.

The reason I love these so much is the padding area. It is only 3 mm thick yet has so much protection. This means you feel discreet and that shows in confidence. When I wear these I feel confident i can go out without any accidents.

They are so affordable at only £10. think of how many times you will reuse these.

All you have to do is wash and re-use. It’s that simple.

If you still need convincing on why to make the move to Love Luna pants then think of the environment. Panty liners take 500 years to decompose. By choosing this way to care for your period you are saving the plant!

*Gifted however all my opinions are my own

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