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Alpha-H: My Top Picks and Why

Introducing Alpha-H to my skincare series. I am always looking for skincare products that help bridge the gap between shop bought products and those you get at surgeries.

Alpha-H is award-winning and carving the way in the skin industry for corrective and preventative products.

Alpha-H skincare top picks

Imagine the convenience of not having to go to your local salon to get your hands on ingredients you can’t buy over the counter to being able to buy online and get delivered to your doorstep.

*If your thinking of starting to use retinol which is another popular active ingredient then read my guide.

Some of these products can need building up on your skin and others you may need some guidance or not know too much about.

So head to their online consultation service to get the down low on what best suits your skin. Or here are my top 2 products.

Micro Cleanse Super Scrub

Alpha-H Cleanser

Once of the biggest mistakes I have learnt over the years is over exfoliating. I used to exfoliate every day because I believed it was the answer to smooth skin. Except it’s not. The result is dryness, redness, breakouts and flaky skin. This may be different for you depending on skin type, but the truth is you are taking the oils out of your skin that is needed to help protect your shield (your skin).

You need to find yourself the correct exfoliation and use it 2- 3 times per week.

One of the best sellers this Alpha-H super scrub instantly leaves your skin brighter and smoother. Going back to the best ingredients, this scrub is packed with 12% Glycolic acid, the key ingredient to removing those dead skin cells. Added into that is caffeine. This helps to awaken your skin and eco friendly jojoba beads to help mix it all up

This can be used on all skin types which is why it’s one of my fave! Its a gentle product that leaves a silky feel after .

Alpha-H Hyaluronic 8 Serum

Another award winning product and a favourite of mine is the amazing Hyaluronic 8 serum.

Claimed to be the filler in a bottle this serum has primalhyal ultrafiller active ingredient.

Why is this so good?

Well, it can be used on a daily basis and contains synergistic anti-ageing ingredients. In simple terms, the 8 different ingredients help to give a moisture surge to your skin. It also helps restore the antioxidants to keep your skin against things that can harm such as pollution.

These 8 different ingredients penetrate deep into the lower layers of the dermis. This helps to hydrate from within which I have learnt is key to keeping you skin hydrated. It means that your hydrated skin lasts. Rather than just when you put on your cream and feel hydrated for only 2 hours.

“Alpha-H is proud to be the first A-beauty brand to formulate with this amazing new ingredient.

Hydranov works to take it beyond just adding moisture of its own courtesy of its ability to boost your skin’s own natural Hyaluronic Acid synthesis by some 211%. This increased moisture helps to better hold cells together. As a result the appearance of lines and wrinkles are softened.”


Lastly, Alpha-H are working hard to help the environment, for more information head over the their website listed above.

*gifted products


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