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The importance of wearing a moisturiser with SPF

It’s summertime here in the UK and of course, it’s the time everyone buys their sunscreen in batch. Buys a moisturiser with SPF, to last the long hot summer, then put’s it away again.

Are we vampires? Do we live wearing rings to allow us to be day walkers without setting on fire in the winter? (vampire diaries has my heart).

No, we are not. The sun still exists in the winter, in fact, all year round, and so does the risk of sun damage.

Alpha-H moisturiser with SPF

Why should we wear Sunscreen?

There are both cosmetic and health reasons to wear sun cream. Your skin is the biggest organ of your body. You need to take care of it and protect it from harmful UV rays.

By wearing suncream it protects your skin from the UV rays and helps reduce the risk of skin cancer.

What are the benefits of a moisturiser with SPF?

How many times do you reapply your suncream on holiday when you are by the pool? And how many of those times do you apply it to your face?

The face is often forgotten about because you wither already have skincare on or your make up. But the skin on your face is exactly the same. You should be wearing sunscreen even during the winter.

Due to the damage to the O Zone layers the UV rays are more harmful now than ever and that’s why you need to wear SPF every day.

What are the benefits of a moisturiser with SPF?

Having a moisturiser with SPF is also important to help with even skin tone. It helps to prevent discolouration to the skin tone caused by sun damage and dark spots on your skin.

Lastly, It prevents the skin from ageing, which obviously comes with many more problems from there. Once your skin has started ageing it can be difficult to get it back on track. Without a moisturiser or even an SPF you skin can lose its collagen and therefore it’s elasticity and that;’s when the wrinkles start to form.

There are now many moisturisers that contain a SPF that are affordable. A big misconception is that they are more expensive and in theory they should be due to the added benefits. You can buy affordable ones, the choice is yours.

Shirt- Blue Vanilla Curve

One of my favourite is the Alpha-H one with SPF 50. Not only is it a high strength but the formula is lightweight and non-sticky as well as super hydrating. All you need from a good day cream.

Overall the single biggest benefit to wearing an SPF is to reduce the risk of skin cancer. So next time you go to pick up your moisturiser have a look to check it has SPF in it.

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