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Summer Self Care With Palmolive Body Wash

Self care is so important and finding the right products for our personal care is too! When I tried Palmolive Body Wash for the firs time i instantly loved it!

When it comes to summer I totally switch up my shower routine. And of course, I have more showers then baths. I change my routine every year and so i change my products too!

During the summer months skin skin changes. I cannot lie I love the sun. Even if i’m not sun bathing. i’ll be out in it anyway and so as much as I try not to burn, I am very fair skinned and it happens anyway. So after I’ve burnt my skin is so dry, even when I am not burnt it needs hydration.

In fact our skin needs hydration all year round. Not just our face but our body.

Having sensitive skin means that I prefer soothing textures and those that are full of natural ingredients.

Palmolive Body Wash

This Palmolive shower gel is a milky texture that is nourishing on the skin.

Palmolive Body Wash

This formula is brilliant for sensitive skin like mine.

Using this ingredient dates back many years and has always been popular for thousands of years due to its essential food.

The naturals collection is designed to bring natural ingredient such as coconut to make your skin feel soft. With the added bonus of extra hydration too.

The great thing about this range is that it is dermatologically tested. However there are plenty of other choices out there to suit your mood.

Self care products don’t need to be expensive

In addition to the naturals range you can also find the aroma and gourmet range too.

The best thing is they also have a mens range and kids range too which is ideal for looking out for their sensitive skins.

All of this is super affordable at Palmolive, they bring the best ingredients and such an amazing price and this Coconut Body wash is only 90p at ASDA!

You can try them all at that price.

AD *This product was gifted by Palmolive, but all views are my own

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