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Top North East Plus Size Bloggers

The North East has seen it’s fair share of bloggers arriving on the scene, However, there are only a handful of North East Plus Size Bloggers and I wanted to introduce you to a few of them.

North East Plus Size Bloggers
North East Plus Size Bloggers

I recently wrote a post about bloggers vs Influencers and this post highlights the difference between the 2 of them and what exactly a blogger is. These women don’t have to just talk all things plus size.

It’s important to remember that they are just like the other women who blog across the world but are brave enough as a plus size woman to put themselves in the spotlight despite the negativity that comes with not being what society thinks is acceptable for brand representation.

Trust me, These women are talented!

What Laura Loves


Laura has worked hard over the years and her hard work and dedication has carved paths for her to create her own range with plus size brands as well as being brand ambassadors for local brands. She is a great role model in showing people how to be confident and professional. I love her endless trips and travels and I am excited to see what she has in store!

A Gem Like No Other

Gemma has the best name right?


On A serious note though, she is a style queen to me. She brings high end fashion but makes it plus size and boy does she have good taste! If your looking for something designer then she’s the one to follow!

Country Heart and Home

Debbie is the mum behind this blog. But not just a mum. She is a beautiful woman who is so much more than a mum.


She blogs all things kids and living and does regular reviews over on her blog including fashion. I just love her Pink Clove Review.

Shay Kennedy

Shannon covers lots of topics including her own etsy shop. She has some beautiful prints for plus size that are empowering and great for everyday reminders to be happy no matter your size. You can follow her for an array of content from pets, to interiors and food reviews!

North East Family Fun

Sam, dare I say it, is the head of the North East Family Fun blog. She runs the blog as well as a family and is always doing something or going somewhere. She is amazing at sharing information that really practical especially if you have kids. As much as the kids are centre stage, she is also a huge role model to so many for juggling everything and I love her colorful style.

North East Family Fun Plus Size Blogger

She really shows that being plus size doesn’t have to stop you doing things with your kids.

Mandy Charlton Photographer

Last but not least is Mandy Charlton. An expert photographer, owner of Philomenas boutique and writer, Mandy is non stop.

North East Plus Size Blogger Mandy

Mandy is an excellent writer and very good at putting her experiences and feelings onto paper. She writes in a way that is relatable and I love her UK travel blogs too! If you’re a fan of dogs then you’ll fall in love with her instantly!

The North East

There you have it, my list of North East Plus Size Bloggers. As you can see it is not extensive.

The North East as a whole does not have such a large concentration of bloggers as you would expect down south however we have lots of different things to offer. For more North East Bloggers them why not search the #NEbloggers hashtag on Instagram for more inspiration.

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  1. 18/10/2020 / 8:52 pm

    All fabulous ladies! Love their content and super inspirational! <3 xx

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