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Bottomless Brunch at Turtle Bay Newcastle

With further restrictions and bars closing early what better way to enjoy the weekend then with Bottomless Brunch at Turtle Bay Newcastle!

We’re all a bit sad our weekends of drinks and cocktails have been cut short. The 10pm curfew hasn’t gone down well in Newcastle. That doesn’t mean we have to stop the celebrations. Birthdays, anniversaries and occasions don’t have to be cancelled completely.

Turtle Bay Newcastle offer both a bar reception and restaurant for you to sit and relax all days of the week!

Turtle Bay Newcastle

With a city centre location, Turtle Bay if perfectly placed next to The Gate, Eldon Square and plenty of other bars. It can be you’re starting place or end of the night place. It can even be your “let’s just stay here” place.

We arrived to a lovely reception and as we were seated at our table we were reminded of the guidelines and safety measures. It was noticeable that the restaurant was busy. It was lovely to see! Staff were running around efficiently serving drinks and making sure everyone had no need to get out of their seat. Except for the toilet!

It was clear plenty of people were making the most of the bottomless brunch and you could preview your next cocktail by what the next table were ordering.

Bottomless Brunch

The brunch runs for 2 hours. You get a dedicated waiter that keeps your drinks topped up too. Our waitress was really lovely and I never needed to ask for another drink, she was right there.

The bottomless brunch menu is any brunch, burger or Roti dish on the menu plus unlimited cocktails, reds stripe, craft lager or pale ale.

We arrive at lunch so we skipped the brunch menu. Plus with unlimited cocktails on offer we had to fill up.

My choice was the Shack Stack Burger . A beef patty with jerk bacon, cheddar cheese, onion relish, baby gem tomato, hot sauce & BBQ sauce.

It was one of the juiciest burgers I’ve had in a while and the onion relish was amazing. It had such a lovely sweet flavor to the burger and the beef was really well cooked. I added some sweet potato fries on the side too.

My Boyfriend opted for the Roti Chicken wrap. It has pulled chicken, avocado, pickled veg baby gem and jerk mayo.

Additionally, a Roti is a round flatbread from the Indian culture made from wholemeal flour added with jerk sauce made it perfect for the Caribbean feel of Turtle Bay.

The plates were really appealing and the food was really delicious. I needed some room left otherwise I would have ordered some starters and desserts.

The Drinks

Go big or go home. 23 cocktails make up the list and 3 mocktails. There is plenty to choose from.

Sticking to the theme there are plenty of rum based cocktails to choose from. In addition, if rum is not your tipple then there are lots of cocktails that are available to have with vodka instead. I had the jumbled tulip with vodka and it was really tasty!

The colours of the cocktails are really stand out. Bright colours and juices to represent the turtle bay bright colours of the restaurant.

The craft ale and pale ale are all in house beers too and offer a good hop flavour.

The Price of the Bottom Less brunch is £27 per person.

I don’t remember how many cocktails I had but I can tell you that the cost was definitely worth it. In addition, the whole 2 hours we had I really did feel like I was in a somewhere else in the world, a tropical surfside experience in the middle of autumn, it was a taste of was was needed.

Plenty of other people around us were doing exactly the same thing and the atmosphere was lovely and vibrant, fitting the vibrancy of the whole restaurant.

Most Importantly, Book up now to save the disappointment of a fully booked bottomless brunch weekend.

*gifted experience but opinions are my own

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  1. 16/10/2020 / 2:47 pm

    This is the kind of place that I would struggle to choose what to eat as everything sounds yummy. Also great deal.

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