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Shapewear: Conturve Review

Our drawers are usually brimming with bras and undies. More is less. But when it comes to shapewear, the enthusiasm dies down.  Welcome to Conturve!


I would blame it on most brands that market their shapewear as something that magically makes your rolls go away and transforms you into a whole different person. Like many other plus size ladies out there, I would scoff at the idea. That is until I tried some of the most comfortable shapewear products out there.

One of them is this high-waisted shaping panty from Conturve that I had a delightful experience with. But before getting into its details, let me quickly explain why you should be investing more in shapewear than the regular bras and undies.

Turns out that more than thinning, the right shapewear accentuates your figure. It controls your waist or lifts your bust, allowing a dress to drape around you the way it is supposed to be. It makes whatever you wear looks nicer and feels extra special. And who doesn’t want that every once in a while if not daily? But the most important thing about shapewear is that it HAS to be comfortable. For inner wear women can find more info here to get the best collection.

Why I love Conturve?

Comfort is a commitment that Conturve promises. It’s a brand that believes that the more comfortable you are, the more confident you feel. They use premium material that’s breathable and doesn’t dig into the skin. Affordability is also a huge plus.

If you are new to shapewear like me, I know that having a sea of options in products can feel both confusing and overwhelming. But Conturve specialises in a specific selection of products that each serves a specific purpose. By focusing on fewer designs, they are able to perfect each one of them. If you want a no-fuss, straight-forward solution to your shaping problems, this brand is IT.

The high-waisted shaping panty

I went with their shaping panty that already had tons of five-star reviews on the website. It is available in black and beige colours and the sizes go up to 4XL. I ordered a black one in 3XL size for myself. I was pretty excited and much to my delight, it lived up to the hype.

conturve panty

The fabric is soft and lightweight. It feels nice against the skin and the fit doesn’t make you feel like you can’t breathe. As promised by the brand, the material is so comfy, I forgot I had the panty on. It contoured my tummy and hip area and even controlled my love handles.

My biggest woe with the shapewear I have tried before is that almost everything rolls down. The best part about the Conturve high-waisted shaping panty is that it has double-layered silicone strips on the inner waistband that make it stay put. It didn’t slip or roll down and I spent the entire day without adjusting them even once.

Affordable pricing is another plus if you are on a tight budget. The products are already fairly priced but you might be able to catch some really good Halloween deals in the coming days.

If you are still dubious about shapewear, don’t knock it till you try it and let me know if your experience was as awesome as mine.

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