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What to watch on Netflix in Lockdown 2.0

It’s the news we’ve all been dreading. Unfortunately another Lockdown is due to start but this time it’s winter. This time, we have to face most of it indoors and what better way then catching up on your Netflix!

Now more than ever Netflix has been stepping up it’s game and you really don’t need to watch anything else. I have been watching so many shows since the first lockdown and still have a watch list!


Here are some of my top things to watch and that i have watched and my recommendations.

Netflix: Watch It Now

Lets start with the most stylish.

Emily in Paris

If you havent heard this being talked about, Where have you been?

Based on an american moving to Paris to persue her career and of course love life on the way. It’s by the creators or Sex in the City and brings back that that feels plus gossip girl vibes. The outfits are to die for, oh and did I mention the men? It’s the perfect binge watch, plus you need to catch up with your friends about it too! Some are loving it, romantic escapism at it’s a best in where else but the most romantic city on the earth. Paris! And it’s fair to say there’s a lot of critics out there putting a debbie downer on it. Without giving too much away you’ll have to make you’re own mind up!

The Queen’s Gambit

I have to be honest. I havent watched this yet but so many people are raving about it. It’s a limited series and the costume design alone is another thing that makes it a must see.

The story of a female chess player, playing The ideal game of bringing women at the centre stage once again!


Based on the novel “One flew over the cuckoos Nest” nurse Ratched one of the main characters is brought to life with her own show.

One of the best costume design shows I have EVER seen never mind the cast and acting throughout. The psychological thriller has proved a bit too gory for some. Sarah Paulson plays the lead character and you are left constantly wondering if shes for the good or bad! With other amazing female lead cast such as Sharon Stone and Cynthia Nixon plus one of my fave actresses Sophie Okonedo who plays the most mesmerising character. Look out for debut episode, her acting in phenomenal.


You might recognise him as Dan from Gossip Girl. Another fab show too! But this is not the Dan you know. Penn Badgley plays a lovesick man who’s crush soon turns into a fiaxation.

The show follows the progression and twist and turns of his love story with some serious twisted outcomes. Can we really love someone too much?

Season 3 is coming early next year . So I urge you to catch up while you can, be warned if you start watching you might not be able to switch off so leave plenty of hours for a binge.

The Alienist

I’ve long been awaiting series 2 and it is finally here!

The show is set in 19th Century New York and is a another psychological thriller drama series.

Each series follow s Dr Krizeler ( Daniel Bruhl) and his sidekicks Dakota Fanning and the dreamy Luke Evans, find the clues and uncover the case. It’s roles I’ve not seen Dakota or Luke play before and absolutely gripping. Full of gore and suspense the set design is amazing. It/’s from the same creators as Game of Throne. You can’;t tell but it’s equally as gripping!

How to Get away with Murder

With it’s final season just finished, It was one of my fave shows and I really want to watch it all over again.

Viola Davis plays the role of a criminal defense professor who solves crimes and even plays her part in them throughout the show. Her university students form a messup up family bond and connections throutout it becomes a spider web of crime, relationships and secrets.

Viola went on to win best outstanding actress for her role in the show and has gone to even better things. But this was where it all started for me!

Coming Soon

The one I have been waiting for!

The Crown: Season 3 starts November 15th

A historical drama with an array of famous cast members playing other than the famous royal family. The scandals are real, the drama is real as they would say. In my opinion one of the top Netflix dramas to date.

You think you know what happened? So did I, but this show gives us a real insight into the life behind the royals and the not so glamorous life they live.

The Liberator: Starts November 11th

Based on a novel, this series is an army unit that sets off to play it’s part in the war in 1943. The Scenes are animated using an enhanced animation technique and is something I haven’t seen before. If you love any sort of war drama this one is for you!

So that’s my top Netflix programmes for you so far! I’m sure there are many I have missed. But I hope i have inspired you somehow Because i know what it feels being lost at that homepage!

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